Scott and Jessica's Wedding, July 2009

Beautiful bride
The color scheme for this wedding was so unusual. I LOVED it!!
Olive green, dark purple and a wine/berry color as an accent.
Jess wanted a very contemporary, modern look and I think we achieved that. Although I love those pastel color schemes, this one was SO much fun to work on. It was a challenge and so different, I enjoyed it and was very happy with the end result. Enjoy!!
Corsages and bouts. all ready to go!
Arrangements from the Groom's Dinner that we also used at the reception.
The dominant flowers for this wedding were green roses, mini-green hydrangeas, dark purple mini-callas, green orchids and fiddlehead ferns.
Super fun choices!!
Bridal bouquet.
White roses, white hydrangeas, white mini-callas, white stock, and white gardenias.
White ribbon wrap to match dress.
One of my very favorite bridal bouquets.  
So soft and feminine, loved the textures we combined here.
Bridesmaid's bouquet.
Green roses, mini-green hydrangeas, purple mini-callas, and fiddlehead ferns.
Berry color ribbon wrap.  Matched the bridesmaids' shoes.
Mother's wrist corsages.
White spray roses and green orchid blossoms.
(sorry, a little blurry)
Grandmother's corsages.
Green rose, purple carnation, and green kermit mum.
Female corsages.
Fiddlehead ferns, white spray roses and green kermit mums.
Groomsmen, Fathers, Grandfathers bout.
Fiddlehead ferns and green orchid blossoms.
Groom Bout.
White mini-calla and white orchid blossom
Usher bouts. 
Fiddlehead ferns and green kermit mums.  
Guest book Arrangement-Are those purple mini-callas stunning or what??
Piano Arrangement 
5 cylinders with flowers and 3 with candlelight
Flowers on the dance floor.  The live band was set up behind the piano, on the stage, so we had to come up with a better place to put these flowers.  I loved them in the curve of that piano.
Centerpieces.  So beautiful when they were glowing in low light.
We used 6 of these for centerpieces.
One of the hallways where the guestbook and gift tables were.  Don't you love that carpet?  This hotel was just recently remodeled and it is very contemporary.  I loved it.
Gorgeous green dendrobium orchids
Green roses, green mini-hydrangeas and white stock
Green roses, white roses, allium, and dark purple carnations
These hallways were brimming with people when the food stations were in full swing.  We ate at the fajita station, but there was also a pasta station and a mongolian station too.  Yummy!
Lots and lots of glowing candlelight when we came back for the reception
Although I was about to drop over, Travis and I re-grouped and made it to the reception.  Ava stayed with her grandparents and we stayed out until midnight, dancing!!  It was crazy :) Even though I was exhausted, we kept hanging on for one more song!  
A great way to wrap up a busy, busy week.
Cute bridesmaids
Father of the bride.  Love that bout. on that black tux!
Jess and her Dad
The girls
Fun Wedding Party
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Darling!  
(Yes, that is their last name!)


Faith said...

Absolutely stunning! I love that first b&w pic of the bride and her fabulous bouquet. So pretty! I can see how this was different and a challenge, but you did a great job with it! You are so talented =)

petrii said...

WOW!! You do such good work EVERY time, but this maybe my favorite that I've seen so far!!!

The bride was beautiful ~~ I love her dress. And you and Travis are so cute.

Have a Blessed and restful day,


You are extremely talented...

Miz Jean said...

You are amazing. Just amazing. I have never seen such beautiful flower arrangements before. Wow. It was darling in every sense of the word!

Toni :O) said...

Beautiful stuff! Wow! I'm curious...what happens to all those beautiful flowers and arrangements after the wedding?? Mine was so simple and SO long ago and it was stuff provided by the banquet hall. Yours is so you reuse stuff or donate those beautiful flowers? Seems like a really fun job!

MELISSA said...

either you or the bride or both have wonderful taste! all of this is just gorgeous! great job!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented, Stephanie!!

Erin said...

I LOVE THIS WEDDING! THOSE COLORS AND ALL THE FLOWERS YOU CHOSE ARE AMAZING!! Wow I can not believe it. Those colors are amazing together... YOU ARE AMAZING!

Amber said...

Gorgeous, Steph. I loved both of the weddings' decor, but wow -- the green and deep purple are amazing!
I wish I could get married again and have you do my flowers! :) Ha!

Lindsey said...

Your work is absolutely stunning! Both weddings this past weekend were amazing. You are making me wish I could go back and have you do my wedding flowers!!!!

And to think you can do all of this and take care of precious little Ava...simply amazing!

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Roger said...

When I got married to Jessica, the motif of flowers was green. One of the florists in Indianapolis suggested the green flowers, and we love the idea.