I've been meaning to hop on here and tell you a little about our crazy week.  Of all the things we have going on this summer, this week is the most stressful for me...with a little twinge of super fun too!  I only have a couple of minutes to be on here, so bullet list it is...

-In order to pull this week off, we've brought in the "big guns"...the grandmas!  Travis' mom is here and so is my Mom.  Ava has so much attention, we may never recover :) 

-On Sunday, Ava is being dedicated at Church!  If that is an unfamiliar term to you, it's a lot like being baptized, except that we (ava's parents) are standing before our church, with other parents and our children, to publicly commit to raising them in homes that love the Lord.  Homes that have a Mom and Dad who love the Lord, who love each other, who will teach her God's word and guide her in her spiritual walk.  We will pray for her, love her and pray that one day she will make her own decision to trust the Lord as her Savior and make her own public declaration by being baptized.  It's a sweet day for Travis and I and it will be so fun to have our families here too.  Lots of pictures to come after this weekend I'm sure :) 

-Today, my Mom and I spent all day working on 1 of 2 weddings I have this week.  Yes, you read that right.  I booked 2 weddings this week, one on Thursday night and one on Friday night.  I am crazy and they are both big.  But, I have a slew of wonderful helpers and I've been working on them both for months, so we are now in the days of implementing all those plans.  Tomorrow is going to be a long, stressful day as both weddings overlap in several ways, but it's also really fun for me to see the fruit of all this labor and to put everything together.  However, now you know where I'll be and why I won't be blogging for a couple of days!  As always, stay tuned for pictures and commentary.  I know you can hardly stand it. 

I've got to run and spend some time with my baby girl, who I haven't seen all day.  Yes, she already looks bigger to me after a 10 hour day!  Plus, my mother-in-law cooked dinner tonight and I'm practically drooling on my keyboard.  I'm sooooo thankful both of our Moms are here!!

Happy Wednesday!


Rebecca Jo said...

Yep... hard to not have them spoiled after grandma(S) - PLURAL love all over a baby!

Have fun with the weddings.. you are SUPER MOM!!!!

And congrats on the Baby Dedication.. I always love that when the babies get dedicated at our church... Be sure to take pictures!

Peggy & Ron said...

Well, it's Friday, one down, one to go. Be praying for you Steph.

holly said...

Wow...I get stressed even thinking about it. However, your work is awesome and I know it will go well! We are loving Naples.....