Future Girlfriend???

It was a fun morning for Carter today...He hosted his first playdate! 
 Little Miss Clara came over for some fun and Carter was on his best behavior.
"Mom, seriously??  This is so embarrassing. 
 We're just laying here, how many pictures are you going to take??"
I can't help it, you never know how these things might turn out :)
We could be flashing these pictures up at a wedding rehearsal dinner or something! 
"Ok, Mom, now you're scaring me.  A wedding??  We're only 3 months old!!!
I think I'll just suck my thumb and go to my happy place now..."
Ok, I'm only kidding, no pressure Clara! 
I really do hope that these two will grow up to be great friends.  We sure love Clara's Mommy and Daddy, so chances of that are good :) Although they are no where near the same size, they are only 4 days apart!  Clara was born on Wednesday, October 6th and Carter was born on Sunday, October 10th.  I think my favorite distinction between these two is the obvious.  
Check out Carter's amazing hair.  
Uh huh...that's our boy!!
Clara, just so you know, he spent hours in front of the mirror before you came today. 
We had to get that faux hawk "just" right :)
Hope you had fun, we can't wait to have you over again!


Peggy & Ron said...

Great to have your BFF over, huh Carter?

Darla said...

HA HA HA. Stephanie, hilarious. Wouldn't that be crazy if Carter and Clara DID develop a crush later (MUCH later) in life? ;) OH my fun to dream, isn't it? Thanks again for having us over. Love being at your place. It's been great sharing this stage of life with you...and learning so much for you!