Sunday After Church

When I was growing up, we spent almost every single Sunday afternoon at my Grandma Ferguson's house.  We all went to church and then over to her house for a big Sunday lunch.  My Grandpa died before my parents got married and my Grandma was a widow for more than 25 years, so to have her little house full of family every Sunday was precious to her.  Some weeks we went straight to her house but most of the time we stopped at home first to change our clothes.  The weeks that we went straight to her house, she always made a big deal about how dressed up my sisters and I were and how much she loved our little dresses.  We took pictures, because it was usually a holiday, and she always laughed about how she had food on her blouse from cooking, or didn't have lipstick on or her hair was a mess :) I can close my eyes and hear her go on about it.  Although she had lots of grandchildren, my sisters and I were the only ones who lived close so we saw her all the time and knew her very well.  And we loved her.  Dearly.  She lived to be 92 and died just a few months before Travis and I got married.  She never got to meet him, but I did show her a picture of Travis when we were just starting to date and she smiled and said, "Oh Stephy, he's very handsome.  I think he sounds just wonderful."  I'm sad that she didn't get to know him, she would have loved him and I'm also sad that she didn't get to see my kids, she would love them too!  In fact, Ava is named after her.  Her middle name Page, was my Grandma's maiden name.  That would have thrilled her to know that we choes that!

Anyway, I've been thinking about her a lot today because it was her birthday and she would have been 100 years old!  Thankfully, I know she is with Jesus and I know I'll get to see her again someday.  In honor of my Grandma, I thought I'd post some pictures of my kiddos after Church on Sunday.  Although we don't have a standing Sunday lunch anymore, there are many weeks I miss that.  It was a sweet memory.  But, I'm thankful for the memories we are making now with my own little family and as I pulled out my camera to take these, I thought of her.
My Grandma would have loved these little cuties  :)
I'm a sucker for a jumper, just love them on Ava!
Even Carter had on a big boy outfit, you just can't tell yet :)
Ava, do you want to hold your brother?
(I think our hearts were melting as this unfolded!)
Can you give him a kiss??
How about a hug?
Gotta love a big sister and her method of showing love!
The boys
The girls
Craning his neck to watch the football game with Daddy :)
Must have been a good game, he obviously couldn't keep his eyes off it!
Does this look comfortable to you??  Nope, I didn't think so either.
It is a nice view of all that hair however!
Ava, clearly over the photo shoot and doing what she does best, scrolling through videos of herself on Trav's phone!
Grandma wouldn't know what to do about that!  Ha Ha :)

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Jesse said...

Stacie was just telling me a couple weeks ago about your travels to your Grandma's house on Sunday afternoons. She also told me that while her, your dad, and Jennie would often bike/walk to her house, you and your mom drove. Sounds about right :)

Although I didn't know her very long, I laugh at the few memories I do have of her and I enjoy hearing the memories/sayings your family relives of her. My favorite memory was when she was leaving your parents one night, before your dad drove her home, and as your dad walked her outside, he pointed to a lawn chair he had put on top of the van and told her, "Mom, that's where you're riding on the way home" - to which she replied with some quiet response and a little giggle thrown in :) I also enjoyed watching home videos over Christmas break of her. She would love to see Ava and Carter!