Winter Survival

Last week, I watched the movie "New in Town" for the first time.  Not sure why I didn't see it sooner, but I didn't.  If you've seen it, it's set in northern MN in a tiny little town called New Ulm.  It's full of Minnesota "culture" and probably makes living her look like a death sentence.  Much of it takes place in the bitter part of winter, which is exactly what we are in right now. It's officially "bitterly cold" out today.  Anyway, I laughed at how extreme the sarcasm was about Minnesotans who scrapbook, bake, and go ice fishing.  "We aren't that crazy" is what I thought in my head!  And then, I got an email regarding some details about my annual scrapbook weekend, I pulled some cookies out of the oven, and Travis walked in the door to inform me he was going ice-fishing with a friend that night...

Apparently we are a little more "stereotypical" than I realized! 

Winter will test even the most seasoned Minnesotans' inner strength and resolve.  When it is downright frigid outside, it takes great creativity to pass the days without losing your mind or sinking into a seasonal depression.  "Inside activities" become the name of the game and for me, I enter into a phase of de-cluttering, cleaning, re-organizing, re-decorating, cooking, baking, etc.  I could give you a lengthy list right now of every home project I'd love to do this year, simply because I've been staring at the walls, dreaming about it while the cold winds howl outside.  Every time Travis walks in the door from work, I'm trying some new recipe or have something "fun" for us to make together that night!  Ha Ha, maybe the "fun" is only in my head, but it's my way of coping people and I'm getting really good at it! 

This weekend, I thought our holiday weekend should include some family time making snowflake sugar cookies.  Because I have a sweet and very patient husband, who enjoys the fruit of my labor,  he went with it.  Obviously our kids are not nearly old enough to care or appreciate what I had planned, but we did it anyway!  Ava sat at the table while I iced these cookies and watched me with great curiosity...and the occasional nibble of a cookie :) Travis entertained the troops through my "crucial stages" and I exhasuted myself trying to create snowflakes and perfect my art of cookie decorating!  Nothing says "Happy Birthday MLK" like "I have a dream of making really cute cookies", right??  I kid, I kid...

Anyway, here is the finished product that took me all weekend to complete :)
Cute, huh??
As I told Travis upon closer inspection, I learned several things.  They include:
-I'm in no danger of stealing any business from local bakeries.
-I need a smaller tip for my pastry bag.
-My white icing needs to be thicker next time.
-It's best to just follow the directions on the back of the food coloring box. 
(hence the "plum" cookies, rather than the bright purple I had planned)
Some were cute...and some were, well, not

But, they taste good and we've all enjoyed eating too many in one sitting!  I'm dreaming up ways to make some cute valentines versions that we can take to the neighbors.  I might gain all the weight I'm trying to lose, but at least my sanity will be in tact! 

 Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious work to do for my scrapbook retreat coming up!  I've got pictures to organize, order, print, and gather as well as accessories to dig through. My babies are growing too fast and I'm so far behind it stresses me out!  Maybe if I spent less time in the kitchen...???

 It's lots of fun, this life I lead! 

O, ya, you betcha! 


Rebecca Jo said...

my goodness... that's patience right there... I feel so happy when I made a smiley face (two eyes & a wiggly line for a smile).. & usually those are all wacky!!!! :) I'm impressed!!!

Christi said...

I'm in Washington state, and although our winters are not as frigid as yours are. I'm feeling the need to bake and organize as well. I'm a stay at home Mom, and your posts are look food for my soul. Thank you!!!

Toni :O) said...

YUMMO! You have officially made my mouth water...thanks! Hah! Really, I'm jealous cause I've been working so many hours, nothing at home ever gets done...sigh...relax a bit for me will ya?

Robyn said...

I'm amazed at all the things you bake. I cannot figure out the time to do things like that! Maybe I should try harder. :)