Ryley's Birthday!

Ryley turned the big "3" this year, on May 15th, to be exact. So, naturally, I made Travis celebrate it with me! My little guys and I made cupcakes that morning, in honor of Ryley's birthday. They got a big kick out of celebrating and were quite excited to hear about Ryley having his own cupcake! One of them, Finn, is also going to be 3 next week, so he was amazed to imagine that a huge dog could be the same age as he is! So funny. Travis and I put a cupcake in front of Ryley, on a plate, and it took him all of 2 seconds to inhale it!! He then licked his lips for the rest of the night, enjoying that frosting over and over...he's definately my dog!
So, here he is, our 3 year old! Even though he's just a dog, I really am so thankful we got him 3 years ago. Many times when Travis is gone or out of town, I really don't know how I'd do without his company. He's such a typical golden retriever, so much energy and HAIR, but such a people-pleaser, always trying to get next to us or on our laps...all 80lbs of him! I really think dogs are just the best...or at least mine is!

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Happy Birthday Ryley!
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