Wedding Planning...

I'm in Iowa now and have been since Sunday night. It's been a great week so far, but I already can't believe how fast time is flying! Weddings seem to speed time up, I'm convinced. We have been running all over town, dropping stuff off, picking stuff up and realizing we forgot to do something! But, no major setbacks or meltdowns yet, so I would consider that a good thing. It's late and I'm up waiting for Travis to get here. He did Church tonight and then drove down afterwards, so I'm expecting him at about 1:00am! I've missed him though, so I'm anxious to finally see him. Ryley came down with me on Sunday, and he is exhausted! I think he loves to come to my parents house because they have such a great yard and he gets constant attention and someone to play with him! He is passed out right now, trying to recover for another day, and I'm wishing I could pass out with him.

Tonight my sister Jennie and I threw a shower for Stacie and her close friends. It was very fun and we all had a nice time. I will post pictures as soon as I can...we took a million, of course. Tomorrow is rehearsal day already, which I cannot believe! The guys are golfing in the morning while the girls continue doing all the true that is! Tomorrow night I'm sure the emotions will hit us, as the rehearsal has a funny way of making reality hit home. We watched the newly completed video tonight of pictures and video footage of their 6 year was cute and somehow I managed not to cry!

We have lots of family and friends coming in tomorrow and on Friday...that is always the best part of a wedding! We're all looking forward to seeing everybody and catching up again, it seems major events like this are the only things that make us connect these days. Travis and I had lots of family and friends come to our wedding in Florida, and it meant so much to us. We missed the people who couldn't come, but we loved having everyone was the best party. Looking back on our wedding, in light of planning this one, there is still nothing I would change about ours! We had the best night and we have great memories of all of it. I LOVE watching our video and "re-living" that as much as I can. I think STacie is doing a good job of soaking this all up and taking it's all over before you know it.

Well, I better check in with Trav...Here's hoping for a sunny couple of days with no rain in the forcast!

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