Coffee on the Balcony...It's a Good Thing!

One of my favorite reasons for buying the condo that we did, was the little screened-in balcony off the living room. Not since we lived in Naples have we had a screened in balcony. We had a little deck in Wake Forest, a porch in Franklinton, and a tiny concrete slab in Shakopee. But when we fell in love with our Chaska condo AND it had a screened in balcony, I was already sold.

I love having a little place to sit outside, without bugs, and I love being able to leave our sliders open all day for Ryley to go out there. We're on the second floor, so I don't have to worry about anybody being able to get in or little mice running in to escape the snow. Plus, I bought really cute patio furniture when I was single in Florida, and we've been toting it with us on every move, just waiting for the perfect spot for it. Now I can say, it's finally found it's home.

The balcony is the perfect size for the furniture and last year I found the right cushions, after a very exhaustive search! The only thing I've been hoping to find, is a great iron bistro table for the stools and I'm happy to say that I found one! My sweet mother-in-law gave me a gift card for my birthday to my favorite place, Target, and I ordered a table that goes great with my galvanized steel set. I've been looking for a bistro table for over a year and I finally found one on for a great price. It came last Wednesday and I was thrilled to get it out there so we could eat more comfortably outside. Travis likes it a lot and so do I. I've done my Bible study out there several times now and we've eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner out there too.

Last year I was able to plant my flowers, much, much sooner but this year they had to wait a little bit, due to the winter that would not end. However, last Saturday, I finally decided that it was "safe" to plant them now and I'm taking much delight this week in watching them grow and fill in already. I LOVE this weather, I LOVE my balcony and I LOVE being outside. In fact, you'll have to excuse me now because my coffee is ready and Ryley and I have a date to sit outside and read (I'll be doing the reading, he'll be doing the sleeping)! I hope your weekend is a great one and your Friday too!


Rebecca said...

I am loving your balcony and the furniture- SO CUTE!! I told Jeremy when we build I want a balcony off of our second floor bedroom and he said I have more land than the eye can see- why do I need that? Oh, he just doesn't get it!!
By the way- I see the yummy looking strawberries and the sammy and chips- Is this your breakfast? Where's the coffee??

Stephanie said...

That picture wasn't from this was from lunch a few days ago! Good eyes. I could never bring myself to eat sunchips for breakfast.

sheltonfamily said...

It looks so great! I am sure you will enjoy it daily this summer in the nice cool MN weather! I wish I could do that in TX, but the only time I will be outside this summer is if I'm in a pool! You are becoming quite the blogger! I love it!

Faith said...

This is beautiful!!! I love the furniture and the cushions. It looks so inviting and relaxing. What a perfect place to spend the morning and hear from the Lord!!
I can't wait until we get our backyard fixed up and make a little area like that. We have furniture, but it needs some help, and some pretty cushions like you found!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

Hehe- I figured! What a nice beautiful place to have that morning cup!