A Lone Star Thanksgiving

Travis and I are officially on vacation!!  YAY for the break!  We fly out this afternoon for Texas, to spend the week with Trav's family, eating, resting, and catching up.  Sounds heavenly to me!  We are in desperate need of this break, we have been so busy for the last few weeks.  I am trying to get bills paid, laundry done and the house cleaned.  Sadly we can't take Ryley with us on the plane, so he will be staying home with his favorite babysitter, Jackie :)  He'll be sad when we leave without him but I know he'll be thrilled when Jackie comes tonight!  Here is a funny picture I took of him yesterday morning before Church:

My parents stopped in Friday night before they flew to North Carolina Saturday morning.  When I got up Sunday morning,  Ryley was curled up in their bed, with his head resting on my Dad's pillow!  Isn't that funny?  He looked like a person in that bed!  Although it was cute, that meant I had to wash the sheets for their stay on the way hair is not fun to sleep in!!  

I haven't forgotten pictures of the wedding, I'm just waiting for some good ones to share with you.  It went so well and turned out beautifully.  I was very happy with everything.  It was exhausting though, I worked 4, 12 hour days before it was all said and done.  I asked the photographer for some pictures, so hopefully he'll share some with me.  I took some on my camera, but his will be better!  

I need to run because my to-do list is not finished and the clock is ticking!  We're hoping for a smooth flight and I'm hoping for no back pain, although I'm sure that won't happen.  It's been really bad lately.  Good thing I'm head over heels for Ava though, I'll take it all to get her!!  Should be fun to see how she likes the airplane.  I'm just hoping she doesn't make me sick...that would be no fun!  Have a wonderful, blessed week!  Thank you for all your sweet comments and emails about little Ava and our pictures. We are so touched by you and very, very grateful for your prayers.  We have so much to be thankful for this year, none greater than our Saviour though.  He is giver of all good gifts and we are praising Him for His graciousness to us!  

Happy Thanksgiving from the Armstrongs, 
Travis, Stephanie, Ava and Ryley :) 


Jenna said...

Have a great trip!!

Rathi said...

Been reading your blog, through Kelly's Korner.. Love Ava's name.. very pretty!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thankgiving.. Hope you enjoy Texas, we live here too!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Have a wonderufl trip!
Hugs and prayers,

Faith said...

Have a fun and safe trip!!

MiMi said...

Love the picture of Ryley! Aww.. what's wrong with a little dog hair in the bed! lol

Hope ya'll have a great trip!

Be safe!