Misc. Monday!

I bet you thought I forgot about my Monday post :) Nope, just haven't been able to get to it until now! I only have a few minutes to blog however, so it's going to be a pretty quick list....

#1- "Who is this?" you might be wondering...

...this is Travis' uncle Ron, working on Ava's crib!!  I just got these sent to me tonight and they made me giddy :) Ron is so talented and I know this crib will be beautiful.  Plus, the sappy sentimentalist in me LOVES that he and Peggy would give this sweet gift to us for our kids to have.  What a precious heirloom that we will always treasure.  

#2- Now that Ryley is back home with us, he is getting lots of attention from 2 people who are ready to love on a baby :)  I keep finding him in Ava's room, on the guest bed, snuggled all the way at the top on the pillows!  
...I might be irritated that he's laying on clean sheets, but since his days are numbered to be sleeping on a bed, and soon this bed will be gone, I keep letting him :)  Isn't he so sweet curled up on that pillow??  He's not dumb!  He knows how get comfortable like the best of them!!  


I'm sure you're all following Harper's progress on Kelly's blog with me.  Isn't it amazing to watch her sweet little body heal and to see the thousands of prayers being offered on her behalf get answered??  I knew the Lord would use this little girl to touch so many lives when I saw how many people were following Kelly's story on the day of Harper's delivery.  Obviously I am touched by this because I'm pregnant, but also because Kelly has been such a sweet encourager to me personally.  I was a wreck with her the night Harper was born, it scared me to watch how quickly something could go wrong and how your world be turned upside down in a matter of minutes.  It's also been a great reminder that Ava's days are not in our hands.  The same God who created her, has numbered her days and knows each and every hair on her head.  Although He's chosen to give her to Travis and I to raise, ultimately, we give her right back to Him and we'll be trusting Him with every detail of her future.  We have no idea what lies ahead for Ava, but we know who will be with us and who will guide us in the way that we parent her.  We are CLINGING to the promises of His word and to the nature of His character and we will praise Him for His sovereignty no matter what we face.  Please keep lifting little Harper up to the Lord.  He has been so good to her and has used her already to bring glory to His name.  I can think of NOTHING better than God's peace in the midst of trials.  His grace is sufficient!!  

#4- I have to run because my Bible study girls are coming over tonight and I need to go through our lessons one more time before they get here.  I love getting together on these nights, it's been awhile since we've met because of the holidays and some other things going on, so it will be great to catch up again and talk through the lessons we've been studying.  We're going through a study on women in leadership and it's been a great source of training and wisdom.  

Happy Monday to you all!  I hope your night is full of something fun :) 

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Faith said...

I can't wait to see your crib all complete - I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

I love that pic of Ryley curled up on the sweet! You are looking great. It won't be too much longer now before sweet little Ava makes her arrival. I know you just cannot wait!!