A Lazy Post

Tonight I am taking the easy way out and copying my list of "25  Random Things About Me."  This little game has been making the rounds like crazy on Facebook and I finally gave it and decided to do it!  

We are home tonight, watching Idol and LOVING the drama by the way!  But, I am soooo tired.  Today I took Barrett to Toddler Tuesday at Mall of America and we participated in "Breakfast with the Backyardigans."  It was totally cute, but there were hundreds of moms/toddlers there (in addition to the Backyardigans) and I was too stressed and tired to whip my camera out!  It was kind of a mad house.  Anyway, going to Mall of America at this point in my pregnancy is probably not a great idea...we walked and walked and walked until I wanted to cry!  I'll take the exercise but I hate the snail's pace at which I now move.  Couple that with a trip to Wal-Mart and Target this afternoon and now you can picture me with my feet up and no plan to move off the couch!  

But I digress....Ok, 25 Things....Enjoy!

1. I am a firstborn and have all typical qualities of a firstborn. (No comments necessary from my sisters)

2. I have lived in 5 states in my 28 (almost 29) years! Iowa, California, Florida, North Carolina and Minnesota. Lots of adventures and memories in each place, but I will always be an Iowa girl at heart!

3. ESPN the Magazine is my favorite magazine. I know, what a lucky husband I have!! I LOVE it because I think it's very well written; I love sports; I especially love reading about the stories behind the athletes. I read it cover to cover when it comes in the mail!

4. I LOVE to scrapbook, but I don't do it as often as I used to. It's good for me to get my creative juices flowing and expressed in that way. And my husband loves that we have so many memories preserved from our almost 6 years of marriage!

5. My senior year of college was one of the most transformational years of my life. God got a hold of my heart in a big way through a series of deaths and some painful relationships. Although it was the hardest year of my life, it was totally worth it. I was so broken and at the end of myself...the Lord did a mighty thing in my heart and pulled me out of that pit.

6. Shortly after, I met the greatest gift God has ever given me. Travis was and is my favorite blessing and my best friend. I could not imagine life without him. He is everything I'm not. Patient, sweet, funny, loving and very, very kind. Nothing makes me love him more though, than to see how much he loves Jesus and has been changed by Him. He is the man I prayed for, and then some.

7. I have a total obsession with Ultra Fine Line Sharpies. I write almost exclusively with sharpies and I ask for the multi-pack every year in my stocking!! They bring me so much joy, it's scary.

8. I am extremely wordy and long-winded in my writing. So much so that I feel the need to elaborate on that sentence...but I will move on :)

9. I loved sports and played many "back in the day." Volleyball was my favorite, Basketball brought me the most success, and golf was my sentimental favorite (my Dad was our coach). Although I played softball too, I never really liked it. Oh how I long to be in the same shape now that I was then!

10. Although I love sports still, I hate to exercise. HATE IT. I especially HATE to run and I am married to a man who LOVES it!! Put a ball in my hands and I'll play all day, but to run for the sake of running??? NO WAY!!

11. I have a love in my heart for Target. It calms me to walk in the doors and stroll the aisles with my red cart. And a starbucks.

12. I haven't had any real coffee since I've been pregnant and I'm DYING without it!! Decaf just doesn't cut it. Unfortunately, with breast feeding in my future, it will be awhile before I can indulge once again...

13. I cannot handle a book or movie that involves torture of any kind or anything to do with the slave trade. It disturbs me to my core and I CANNOT HANDLE watching or reading it. Ask Travis. Mercy is one of my spiritual gifts and this merciful heart can't take it.

14. My bachelor's degree is in Interior Design, but my favorite thing in the world is Floral Design.

15. I have been a florist, either in a shop or freelancing, for 12 years now.

16. Nothing has made me feel older lately than choosing a pediatrician for MY child. What in the world?? How am I old enough to be doing that???

17. I love my family. And I am fiercely loyal to all of them.

18. I have a love affair with Naples, Florida. I met Travis there, we fell in love there, and we got married there. No other city makes my heart beat like that one! We LOVE to go back to Naples and in our dreams, we'd own a place there someday...

19. I love to be at home. In my jammies. Cleaning and organizing. It simply brings me joy to "stay in" all day. I'm sure all of that will be out the window when little Miss Ava enters my world!

20. As the classic line goes, I am becoming my Mother. Right down to the last detail. I literally am a carbon copy of her I think! And I'm happy about that :)

21. I love being a Pastor's wife. Full-time ministry is a ride for sure, but the blessings far outweigh the struggles.

22. Right now I am sitting at our table with a pile of bills surrounding me and mail to sort through. I dread the beginning of the month for that reason. Travis calls me the CFO of our family, but I would happily relinquish that title if he wanted it. Unfortunately he doesn't.

23. I have become such a "blogger" these last two years! I love it, I love the friends I've made and I love being able to keep up with friends and family all over the country. 

24. I have loved being pregnant...but I can't wait to be holding my little girl in a couple of months. Sometimes I still can't believe this is happening. Especially when I catch a glimpse of my ever-changing profile in the mirror!!

25. My life is far from perfect, but it's full of blessings. God has LAVISHED his grace on me and I am incredibly grateful....not sure how "random" this list is, but it is what it is!


stampsndeidre said...

I came to your blog through Kelly's and saw on your profile that you are an Iowa girl as well! We are living in Kansas right now after being on the East coast and there is no place better to be than the midwest!

Best wishes for your new baby girl. You have chosen a beautiful name!

Rebecca Jo said...

Ohhhh sister friend! I too have the spiritual gift of mercy & I cant handle any sort of torture either... it bothers me to no end!!!

And I had to laugh about running & your husband... he just needs to give you a ball to dribble all the way while running with him - then maybe you'll like it ????

petrii said...

So where exactly is the Mall of America? Thought about going there when we go back to Rochester. Is it close to that at all? Anyway. . .

I heart floral design. I've never had a class, it's just kind of in the blood. I love to design and my mom is so good at it to. I think I came by it honest =)

I heart Target as well. So much fun.

Loved your list sweet girl.

Have a Blessed day,

Heather said...

I love your list! Thanks SO MUCH for your sweet comment on my blog! I was so happy to see that you came over! I love you and your blog...and am so excited about Ava Page!! Over the last several months, You have blessed me with your faith and trust in God and how much you love Him....I am praying for you and your sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is the first time I have commented on your blog. I have been following you for a little while now through Kelly's blog. Loved the 25 random things that you wrote about. I can't wait to see your beautiful little girl in your arms!