9 Months Old

Ava, I waited until your doctor appointment on Friday to write your 9 month update.  I wanted all of your latest "stats" to record :) It seems so crazy to us that your next appointment will be your 1 year well check!!  How is that possible??  Like every month prior, this month is flying by too...

And you are reaching one milestone after another!!  We can hardly keep up with all of your changes in fact.  Every day it seems you are doing something new :)

But first things first.  When I posted this picture last week in this outfit, I got lots of questions about it!  It really is darling.  Your Texie bought it for you and it's by Oilily.  When you first wore it, you could wear the top as a dress, but now you're so tall we have to put a little skirt under it :)  Mommy loves all the patterns and colors...It even matches your room!!

Ok, here are the stats...
-You weigh 16 lbs and 14 oz.  Which means you are still in the 10th percentile :) You're a little peanut.
-You are 27 1/2 inches long, making you "long and lean" as your Dr. put it.
-You are still napping twice a day, usually 2 hours each time and you're sleeping about 11 hours at night.
-You are wearing 6-9 month clothing, but we've been able to put a few 9-12 month things on you too.
-You wear a size 3 diaper still and probably will for a little bit longer.
-You are eating many, many things now.  Some of your favorites are bananas, mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, watermelon, chicken, cheese, yogurt, peas, puffs and yogurt melts.  We're finishing up your baby food, but you are mostly eating table food now.  We're still working on drinking from a cup with you.  You know to put it up to your mouth, but you haven't figured out how to suck the water or milk out.  Maybe by next month :)

The other thing you are doing like crazy is putting everything you can get your hands on in your mouth!
And why??

Because you now have 3 teeth!!  You got your first tooth on the bottom a few weeks ago and then one of your top teeth 2 weeks later.  Just a few days ago, we noticed that your 3rd tooth had also poked through your gums, also on the top.  You look so cute with teeth now!!  However, we are trying to be more patient with you because all of these new teeth have made for some rough days and nights while you deal with the pain.  But having lots of things to chew on have helped.

This month you discovered the windows Ava!  You spend lots of time pulling up and staring out the windows in each room.  You talk to yourself while you watch what's happening and you also bang on the glass.  Recently you discovered the curtains and the blinds...

Which led me to this.  Some days you leave them alone but most days we have to keep them out of your reach so you don't hurt yourself :)

But it doesn't stop you from looking for more trouble somewhere else!  You are so fast now and you move from one room to another in "stealth mode" often.  Just when we think you're safely playing in your room, you're actually...

In the kitchen trying to get in the cupboards!!

You LOVE trying to pry the cupboards open Ava.  It's the highlight of your day.  We've dealt with pinched fingers and I've had to baby proof all of the lower cabinets.  You haven't started taking anything out yet, so far you just love to open and close the doors.

But I'm sure that's going to change soon because I can tell you're ready for the next challenge!

You aren't still for very long Ava!  You're always on the prowl around here :)

In fact, if you aren't at the window or in the kitchen, you are most likely sitting with your toys and really playing with all of them.

This makes us simultaneously happy and sad.  You look like such a big girl these days.  Gone are so many of your "baby" ways...

In fact, just 2 nights ago, when you were "helping" me with the laundry...

You reached one more of those big milestones!

You stood!!  All by yourself!!  For quite awhile!!

We've known walking is just around the corner for you, but now it seems it's going to be here any day!  You didn't even seem to know that you were standing unassisted until you got tired of it and just sat down :)

Your Dad and I were just beside ourselves with joy and you looked up at us like
"What's the big deal??"  Oh Ava, we are so proud of you and we love watching you grow up.

You are definitely acting and looking like a big girl now and we could not love you more.

We are having so much fun being your parents.  You entertain us all day long and make us laugh more than we ever thought possible.  Your Daddy is your favorite playmate and he loves to get down on the floor with you and be silly.  You light up when he walks in the door at night Ava and so does he.  I love watching the two of you together.

I have loved all of our days at home together too Ava.  This winter has been so fun for us to snuggle in and play together.  I have so many of our memories forever sealed in my heart.  You are my little monkey and it is so rewarding to have all this time with you.  I know you'll never remember these early days, but I always will and I'm so grateful to the Lord for that.

Happy 9 months sweet girl!
Your Mommy and Daddy love you!!


Ron and Peggy said...

That girl cracks me up! She is looking so toddlerish! NO! Put a brick on that head.

Beth Roberts said...

I love your monthly posts...Ava is turning into such a beautiful little lady!! You are's so sad to see those baby ways little girl is now 2 and some days I feel like she should still be 2 months old! It only gets more fun as they get older though...especially once they start talking! :)

petrii said...

Ava is such a doll baby!!! I LOVE her paisley bib ~~ so cute!! Yep curtains will have to go up for a while =)

Ya'll look so cute!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Toni :O) said...

Oh golly, this has to be one of my favorite posts about your sweet Ava that I've read yet. She sure looks to be like an active darling. Yes, time really goes by just so fast...keep savoring these moments as I know you are...they are truly precious and I just told the same thing to a gal pal of mine who delivered twin baby girls this morning...children bring such happiness and joy...and also a lack of sleep but in the end, it truly is entirely worth it. Have a great rest of your week with your little Monkey! :O)

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at her standing there on her own... oh yeah, not long now before those legs take off on their own & has you running all day long!!

Manda (+2) said...

I loved this post steph. I read while sitting here in the reproductive speciallist office- I hope one day I get to be as good of a mommy as you are righ now. Makes me happy to see you're treasuring every moment. Hugs!

prashant said...

She is looking so toddlerish! NO! Put a brick on that head.

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