Cold Winter Nights...

I have been meaning to blog for days, but Miss Ava has kept me on my toes lately!  She's so busy and into everything in sight, so when she's awake I can hardly take my eyes off her.  Therefore, my computer time has been limited to what's absolutely necessary in between naps :) But, I'm hoping to rectify that and get back on the bandwagon!  I've got much to catch you up on...
  Like tonight for instance.  Tonight we decided to join Travis and the Junior High students for a sledding night!  It has been so cold here, like bitter cold, but we're on an upswing lately and we're in the 20's!!  Yay!!

In honor of the heat wave, we thought it was time to try out one of Ava's snowsuits and as you can see, Ava was thrilled about it. This one is from her Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dave and it is oh so sweet on her...

Has anyone seen a little white bear on the run??

Clarification- A darling little bear??

Oh there she is!
Don't those eyes just scream,
"Will you please take me sledding Mommy??"

We both bundled up and found Daddy in the crowd of students.
Apparently Ava was startled by the grins on our faces...
"Don't you people think it's cold out here???"

Travis was dying to get her on a sled and take her down the big hill, so we bundled her up and off they went!

And this was her big reaction to the whole night.
She's simply stunned.
Me on the other hand, I was quite happy to have a hot chocolate and a sweet baby on my hip, no matter how cold it was!

And speaking of cold, I've been on a wild streak in our kitchen, cooking one hearty meal after another in order to keep us warm :)
This night, I conquered the famous Marlboro Man Sandwich and Onion Straws.
Clearly there is a reason why the Pioneer Woman roped her Marlboro Man with this sandwich.
My own Marlboro Man was singing my praises after this meal!!

Just looking at this almost makes me want to get back in that kitchen!
Not because it was so great (which it was) but because I like it when my cowboy sings my praises.
It makes my ears tingle and my heart swell.
What can I say??  I love him :)


Ron and Peggy said...

Her first sled ride! Maybe if it was daylight she might have been excited about it but she looks adorable all bundled up. Next time she won't get off. Love the supper.

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at that snow suit!!! ADORABLE! And she looks so happy out in the cold weather.. but I would be too if I had all those warm blankets around me too!! She just gets more beautiful with every picture you put up here... such personality in her face!

MomMom said...

What precious pictures of Ava in her snowsuit. I can't imagine temperatures as cold as you've had but we're in Florida, and, for us, it's really been cold. I guess it's all relative but wish we could go sledding when it's cold here. Glad you got to take Ava!!

CJ said...

Ava looks adorable in her snowsuit! Very pink and cute :D. The supper looks delish too!

Lissa said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! So cute! I love the snow effect falling over these pics, too!