Easter Blessings

I hope you had a Jesus-filled Easter like we did!  We had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of our Savior with my family in Iowa.  We kicked off the weeked with Trav's birthday on Good Friday and then picked up my sister and brother in law from the airport and made the drive south to our parents' house. 

I've taken the last few days off from my computer, facebook and twitter to just relax and enjoy time with family.  It's been a nice break.  BUT, I'm getting harassed for Easter pictures, so here you go! 
This is a little slice from Ava's first Easter...
I'm not sure who loved the Easter basket more...Ava or her Mommy!  I had the best time filling it for her :)
She got some new snacks, a pair of new shoes, new jammies, bath toys, a new book and a wind-up egg.
We filled her plastic eggs with her favorite yogurt melts.  She was delighted to discover those when she pulled the eggs apart! 
She also loved her new hipppo bath toys, which she got to play with before Church when we gave her a morning bath! 
And then, after we got her all shiny and clean...
There were hardly words...
Isn't she adorable???
Our precious, little Easter girl.
I cannot even tell you how my heart swells at this picture of her in that dress, in that old rocking chair.  My sisters and I have hundreds of pictures of the three of us in that chair.  Now my daughter is rocking in it...Crazy!  Anyway, we loved this little dress on her (which was a sweet gift from her Aunt Shaye and Uncle Troy) and her new Easter shoes went perfectly with it!   
It was a little chilly on Easter morning, but at least we didn't have snow!
Daddy and his Easter bunny :)
Aunt Stacie and Uncle Jesse
Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dave
Grandma and Grandpa
Last Easter I was VERY pregnant with Ava because she was due on Easter Sunday.  It's a good thing she didn't come on Easter because I famously stuffed myself silly with ham :)
 Who knew that this year year I would also be pregnant :)
And this year stuffing myself with BBQ Brisket!!  Ha Ha!!
12 weeks along with baby #2
 Ava was fascinated with the ground...she keep lunging out of my arms to get down!
 So I put her down and she sat around...
 And entertained us all :)
 He is risen!!

He is risen indeed!!

Happy Easter from the Armstrongs...Travis, Stephanie, Ava and Baby :)


Donna said...

Beautiful Easter family pics!! Boy, does Ava look like your mom!!!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Ava is SOOO cute! I can't wait to see baby # 2! ;)

Ron and Peggy said...

Your blog is giving me trouble so if all 3 of my attempts at posting show up, forgive my blabbering. It's great to see the whole family and especially the Star of every show.