Carter's Nursery Tour

When we found out we were having a boy in early June, the first thing that went through my mind was, "I have to re-do the nursery!"  As you may remember, it was very definitely "pink" and there was no way we were going to put a little guy in there!!  Travis made that clear up front, but I was in total agreement.  So, my wheels started spinning that day and I spent most of the summer searching and ordering things for "Carter's world."  It's been a fun hunt and I've found some great things that have made my heart happy.  I love to be in here and I often sit in the glider, praying and thinking about the little guy who is about to join his big sister in our family.  We are so excited to be welcoming a BOY very soon!!   

Now just so you know Carter, we're not to going to lie to you, your new "nursery" is in fact our former walk-in closet.  I'm sorry if that's a bummer to you someday, but I would love for you to know that we worked really hard to make it as cute as possible (not sure "cute" is reassuring) and to keep it from looking like a closet.  I do feel good about giving you your own space however, which wasn't an easy solution in a 2 bedroom home!  So, we hope you like it as much as we do and we hope it's the place where you spend many happy days and nights, dreaming away!  

Welcome to your nursery, Carter...
We chose the same color as Ava's room, because it's great for a boy and a girl, but mostly because it will be easier for re-sale purposes someday!  I wanted it to be consistent so these rooms flowed into one another and gave the illusion of more space.  My Mom found this darling little sign with those stars and it is the perfect welcome into Carter's room!
The view from Ava's room, through Carter's room and into the shared bathroom.
Only 1 month ago this was full of our clothes and shoes :)
Looking to the right at your sweet crib and at some of the glider.  Originally the door to this room opened into it and swung to the right, where the glider sits.  But, because we needed all the room we could get, we had someone come out and reverse it, swinging it out into Ava's room instead.  
The view looking to the left.
We converted the changing table from Ava's stuff to yours, Carter, and it fits perfectly into this little space.  Those drawers are brimming full of BOY clothes!!
I wanted to keep the shelves that were already in here, to help gain some storage space and also to be able to use them for some visual interest.  We've got your Halloween costume all ready for you and a couple of fleece snowsuits you've been given.  Since you're coming in the fall, it won't be long before you get to wear all of them!  
This is one of my favorite things in this room and I swear it was a gift sent from Heaven!!  Behind that curtain are 3 shelves and 2 rods, holding your clothes, Ava's dresses and lots of other baby things we need.  I hated having them exposed because it looked messy and way too busy, so I hung a tension rod and went on a looooong search for a drapery panel that would work.  God's favor was apparently with me when I walked into a Pier One store and discovered this chocolate silk panel, which was EXACTLY like the fabric we chose for your crib skirt!!  I could have cried it was so perfect.  And I was tired.  And slightly hormonal.  But it was just the finishing touch we needed and the same colors and size I was looking for.  We're still waiting on your crib skirt to be done, but I can't wait to see them together!!  What a sweet find for your Mommy's sanity!!
You are coming home to the world's most beautiful crib, each detail lovingly made by your Papa, for Ava and now you.  As soon as your crib skirt is on and we raise the mattress, I'll post more detailed pictures, but with the bumper and crib sheet already in there, I know I'm going to love it!!  Your chocolate and blue piped bumper was the starting point of this entire nursery.  I looked forever online and in stores and found this amazing deal at Restoration Hardware for Kids, for only $29.99 on clearance!!!  I'm sure I did a little dance when I found it :)  It's a soft, cuddle plush bumper and it's beautiful.  You're going to love snuggling up to it Carter!!  
Here is the glider that we used with Ava and LOVED!  
I can't wait to rock my baby boy in there very soon...Right now it's my prayer chair for you!
The shelf above your crib...
Your very own "name and birthday" plates, just like Ava's...Although we haven't filled in your exact birthday yet because we don't know it!!  Since you're due in the middle of October, BY FAITH, I'm assuming you'll have an October birthday.  Fortunately with my handy, dandy chalk pen, I can erase it and re-write it, should you decided to come early :)  We aren't even going to entertain the thought of November...
This was a verse I prayed for you, before we ever knew you were a boy!  I read it the day we found out we were expecting you and your Dad and I thanked the Lord for another arrow in our hands.
Here are 3 frames just waiting to be filled with pictures of our sweet Carter Travis Armstrong!
And another couple of verses that we already pray for you and hope to have you memorize someday with us.  No matter what you do or who you become Carter, nothing is more important to us than what you choose to believe about Jesus.  Because ultimately, it is your choice, not ours.  We pray that you and your big sister will trust in Him for salvation, at a very young age and we are committed to helping guide our little arrows at the right target, Jesus!
Your nursery opens up to a bathroom, that your Mommy is going to love when we spend lots of time nursing in your glider.  We haven't finished it yet, so I'll wait and post more pictures until we do!   Someday we'll put two little stools in here, for two little people to stand on and brush their teeth each day :)  I can't wait for that sight!

And finally, looking from the bathroom, back into your nursery and into Ava's room.  

It's almost ready for you Carter and we can't wait to have you in it!!  You are a special blessing to your Daddy and I and a joy already to our whole family!!  We love preparing and planning a place for you, just as you've carved a place in our hearts.  

Come and meet us soon Carter, we're ready for you sweet boy!!

We hope you love your nursery!!  


Erin said...

looks great :) love the color scheme!!

Meredith said...

You did a fabulous job Stephanie! I have been eagerly checking your blog looking forward to seeing your big reveal! It was totally worth the wait! Thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

Sweet post...darling nursery, perfect size! Carter is a lucky boy...(Must have been a GREAT closet!-where are your things now??!?)

Shannon said...

What a great space!! You did such a good job decorating it! I LOVE that amazing crib!! Wow! I also love all the chalkboard details. ;)

petrii said...

Oh Stephanie,
It is just so homey and beautiful!! You will spend many sweet moments in that room with precious Carter.

Blessings and love to you dear one,

Jesse and Stacie said...

So cute!! Both rooms are so precious and it seems so much more real (at least to me) that Carter will be here soon! :)

Heather said...

Stephanie!~ This is FAB!!!! Oh, I know you must be so proud and happy and just READY now!!! I know you worked so, SO hard and all your nesting has paid off---both rooms are PERFECT!!! I love Carter's nursery just like I love Ava's room! Love all your perfect "touches" and that curtain was straight from God that day--I just know it!!! Now you have the perfect "nest" for your two precious arrows....enjoy every single minute left with Ava and then get ready for DOUBLE the blessings when Carter comes--it will be SOON!!! :) (Bur hopefully October!)

Mary Avery said...

I just love it! I think it is so beautiful and it's just waiting for him to come home to it! Our boys are 18 months apart, so get ready for a fun, awesome, and tiring ride!

Toni :O) said...

Wow...what ana amazing job you did! It looks so warm, cozy and inviting! I'm so impressed with your creativity, how it just continues to shine in everything you do! I'm so happy to see everything coming together for you guys...won't be long and your sweet bundle of boy will be in your arms...yay!

Rachel said...

Stephanie - it looks SO GREAT! We were "this" close to putting Fin in the closet,'s fun to see how it turned out!!