This, That, and the Other

Sooooo, how about a wildly random post today??  Maybe even with bullet points???  And a few pictures thrown in for good measure??  Sound ok??

I thought so too.

After all, that is pretty much how my brain is functioning right now...very, very randomly.  I almost need to carry a notepad around with me because I keep having one important (although fleeting) thought after another.  I blame pregnancy for most of it, motherhood for some of it, and fatigue for the rest.  It's a miracle the bills are getting paid right now!  I keep remembering things just in the nick of time...

Ok, so here's a slice of what's on my mind this afternoon :)

  • Remember the CSN review I got chosen for a few weeks ago???  Well, I just ordered my product yesterday, after much deliberation, and now I'm waiting for it to be shipped.  LOVED the whole process.  In fact, loved it so much, that I've been asked to do it again!!!  Yay for me!!  If you don't remember what I'm talking about, they are an online company with a million (maybe not quite) stores and they have literally millions (this time I'm serious) of things.  For example, they have anything from....

Bed sets, like this amazing one that I've been drooling over....Seriously, how gorgeous is that???  Anyone in the market for a new bedroom set??  You should go here to check it out, plus hundreds of other sets that are available....and lots with free shipping!!!

Bed Sets
To light fixtures, isn't this one pretty???  I would LOVE that in my kitchen!!
To double strollers.  I know, I'm in the market.  I've been looking at so many double strollers my eyes are tired!!

Seriously, they have everything for everyone!  Check out their site ( you will find just about anything you are looking for.  I promise.  In true "parent" fashion, I hemmed and hawed for weeks over what cool thing to order for our house and then ended up ordering something for the kids.  Typical, right??  Still, it was what I wanted at a really good price, plus free shipping.  Gotta love that!!  

  • Went to my 37 week appt. today and Carter is doing great!  He's very, very low now and thus my back pain is very, very great.  He appears to be very comfortable where he's at, which means I've entered those weeks where in order to survive mentally, you have to prepare yourself every time I go for a check-up.  Plan for no progress, hope for some!!  Truthfully, I do want him to come closer to his due date.  I still have things I'd like to do, time I want to spend with Ava and of course, I want him to be as "fully cooked" as God planned for him to be!  It is very safe for him to come now, so if I would go into labor, they wouldn't stop it.  At least I have that to cling to :) I'm so grateful that we've made it through this pregnancy with no complications or problems.  I remember thinking after Ava was born, with all the potential for something to go wrong, it truly is a miracle of God every time a baby is born "normal" and without complications.  There is much to be thankful for in a slow and steady pregnancy...
  • One thing I do need to do this weekend, is pack our bags for the hospital!  I can't believe I've waited this long, considering I'm a total planner and over-packer, but I guess I have.  I've vowed to keep my packing much simpler this time around, but I did have the best time looking through Carter's clothes the other day and choosing the outfit I wanted him to wear home, as well as for the first day in the hospital, etc.  I also chose the same blanket we used for Ava and had so many pictures of her taken in.  It's so soft and gender neutral and I thought it would be fun to use it for each of our kids on those first days.  I know it's a shock, but I'm always looking for that sentimental angle....
  • Carter's crib skirt came in the mail and just as soon as I get a picture taken of it, I'll show you!!  I just LOVE it!!  His bedding came together so perfectly, which is amazing because I pieced it together from 3 different sources.  We need to raise the crib again, and then it will be all ready for him to come home to.  I am still sitting in his nursery a lot these days, rocking and thinking about all of those sweet "firsts" that we're about to experience with him.  Ava has totally floored us lately as she's now learned to say his name.  It's so sweet and if I'm lucky, I'll try to get her doing it on video to show you.  Yesterday, when I asked her what her baby brother's name was, she answered with "Carrrrrrrrrr-tuh!" every time.  Today, she's not been in the mood :) 
  • Speaking of Miss Ava, her are some funny pictures she and I took the other night, after we came home from Church on Wednesday night....
She let me put a little ponytail and a bow in her hair and it made her look so grown up!  
She also was clearly in the mood to take pictures with me!  Look at that cheese ball grin!!  
We had one of those nights where she was just in a great mood and so cooperative all night.  Our fall kick-off has started in junior high and she LOVES being around all the kids.  She happily sat and ate crackers with a bunch of girls, danced to the loud music, and ran around the room during worship :) We left shortly after that, but it was such a fun night for her and for us.  It's a blessing to see her growing and thriving.  She's definitely a little people person and very brave I think.  She doesn't get intimidated about being around so much craziness and she especially loves being up front with her Daddy!
These are fun days with Ava, although challenging.  But we are doing our best to soak them up and hang on to the memories of this season as best we can!  

  • Lastly, remember my dilemna last time Trav's Mom and my parents came to visit???  Remember the tale of all the junk food and how it temporarily took over my better judgement and my will power???  Well guess what.  It happened again.  Trav's Mom left us with Cheetoh puffs, THREE kinds of Lindt chocolate truffles, ice-cream toffee bars, and a variety of other sinful things, and guess who's been eating them ALL DAY LONG???  Oh it's so bad and yet, soooooo good.  Travis and I are like little kids at night, fighting over who gets what :) It's all fun and games now, but as the scale reminded me at my OB appt. today, it's got to come to end soon!!!   Otherwise I'll never recover!!  Just not yet...
Happy Weekend!!  
I hear my peanut singing in her bed, so I better go get her.  I hope you have a wonderful, if not random, weekend!  We will be all over the place in the next few days, but it should be lots of fun too!  Enjoy the last weekend of September!!!

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Erin said...

Ok 1. that last picture of you and ava is soo cute and 2. why do inlaws or parents always bring junk food. my husbands parents always bring junk food especially around christmas time she always bakes, BUT she doesnt eat any of it ug ha ha.