Cold Weather Babies

 It's the start of another week here, therefore the start of another snowstorm.  For the 3rd time in a couple of weeks, we are under a winter storm warming until 6 am tomorrow, with 5-7 inches of snow falling.  It's a beautiful sight outside right now, kind of like a snow globe in fact.  We were supposed to get bundled up this afternoon for a Christmas party, but it's been postponed until tomorrow, which means another day and night in our jammies :) We've had so many of these days that I'm thinking we need to invest in more jammies for all of us!  It's all we wear right now...
But when we do bundle up, this is one of Ava's cold weather looks :) 
That hat is just my favorite and she is so good about wearing it!  In fact, she always pulls it down at an angle, which increases her "winter chic" factor and makes us laugh.
But not to be outdone by his sister, this is also one of my favorite hats for Carter!  He absolutely HATES having a hat on his head, but you know he loses that fight every time.  I have a variety of ones I like for him, but the best ones are the hats with ear flaps like this one.  So much easier to keep those little ears warm!
The other day, while Carter was napping and I was putting laundry away, I realized Miss Ava had been awfully quiet.  When I came to check on her, this is what I found...BUSTED!!
 While she did have a runny nose, she thought it would be better to pull out a single kleenex each time she decided to "wipe" her nose, which she apparently did at least 25 times :) 
 Now Mommy knows better than to leave a box of kleenex within her reach!
 Until the last week or so, TV really didn't hold too much appeal for Ava.  She was always too busy to sit down and watch it.  Well, from the first time she watched this sweet DVD, she is now hooked on it!  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she begs us to watch her "show" and proceeds to ask me about it all day long.  I'm quite certain we've watched it at least 25 times :) I will say, it's got beautiful Christmas music and it tells the story of the nativity, so that does ease my guilt about saying yet too many times!  It also provides me 30 minutes of time to attend to her little brother or get stuff done around the house.  
 And that's because she sits as quietly as a mouse the whole time while she watches it.  
It's now my favorite DVD too!
 When he's not eating or napping, Carter likes to lie around and strike his best model pose...
 ...until I cave and scoop him right up!
Sweet little guy!  
Yes, good things do come in small packages...

Ok, 3 posts in one day, that ought to make those grandparents happy!!  I'm off to do some dishes and make my 3rd soup for the week!  All of this snow, combined with our colds has made me hungry for soup :) Last week it was Wild Rice Soup, this weekend it was Chili, and tonight it's Corn Chowder.  Yummy!  I better get it started before Trav gets home and these babies wake up.  

So excited that our Christmas week is finally here!!  We have so many fun days ahead!!


Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA! At first, I thought all that "white" was tissue paper & she was opening gifts! :) But instead, she's just dainty with cleaning her nose.

What a fun DVD... keeps her interest & has a good story - a mom's best friend this time of year, right?

Merry Christmas to you & your beautiful family!!!!

Jennafer said...

Ava's facial expressions are always just PRICELESS!! :) I love seeing her in action through your blog! :D

Ron and Peggy said...

Such fun you are all having! Great seeing those little elves.