Crib Notes

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that you haven't been losing any sleep over my crib skirt in Carter's room.  However, in case you have lost sleep (ha ha ha) I would love to ease your mind and show you the finished product.  Because I forgot to do that, 3 months ago when it came :)
To jog your memory, here is the view into Carter's closet Room.   
 After I purchased Carter's crib bumper, I found the perfect fabric for a matching crib skirt.  It was chocolate colored silk with blue, green, and tan embroidered polka dots.  Perfect.   THEN, I hit the jackpot of all jackpots when I discovered an almost identical silk drape at Pier One to use for Carter's closet.  Two separate sources and almost identical fabrics.  Are you with me people???  It was like a nursery miracle :) 
Anyway, when I last showed you Carter's crib, it was slightly naked.  
Sans crib skirt.  
But not anymore..
 Here is the final product!  You know, 3 months after I got it and put it on the crib.  
 But isn't it beautiful???  
And oh so chocolate??  And you know, IDENTICAL to the silk drape???  
Oh how I love it :) 
 But as much as I love it, I love these two little peanuts who occupy it more!  
 Ever the big sister, Ava begged me to climb in Carter's crib with him yesterday and she proceeded to read him a story from her Bible storybook :) 
 And as you can see, he listened intently.
 She double checked. 
Because she's the big sister and big sisters do that.  
In case there is any "bossing around" that needs to take place.
 "Mom, I am not bossing him around!" -Ava
 "Yeah Mom, we're just hanging out" -Carter
 "Besides, she's got her own baby to boss around" -Carter
 Ok Carter, but you just let me know when she starts bossing you around, because she's the big sister and you're the little's bound to happen buddy.
-Mom :) 

P.S.-Hope you're enjoying that crib as much as I am.  
I'm kind of in love with it. 
But don't worry Carter, not more than I'm in love with you.
Not even close little guy...


Donna said...

So sweet! The two peanuts i the gorgeous bed...thanks for showing us the final product!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Man oh man... they look alike!

They are so going to love each other... at least for awhile ;)

Love her reading out of her Story Bible!!!! He really does look like he's paying adorable!

Toni :O) said... adorable and I love the crib skirt too...that is amazing you found those two things to match perfectly. Carter sure is growing fast...wowwiee! Ava reading to him is soooo cute too!

Darla said...

Stephanie, I was losing sleep. Thanks for ending the spell:) Ha ha. Looks beautiful!

Mary Avery said...

My two little ones love, love, love to get in each other's cribs together after naptime! I love it so much! I love his sweet nursery!

Marianne Elkins said...

Love all your cute pictures! Your children are beautiful. I really like the look of your blog too. You inspired me to fix mine up a little. It's still a work in progress but it'll get there!

Erin said...

to cute :) love it.. love how you have made use of all the space in your condo!