Storytime With Daddy

It's an exciting day!!!  My new computer got delivered this morning, a day earlier than expected!!!  How often does that happen?? I'm elated for several reasons, the least of which is now I can upload pictures again with ease :) So I'll warn you now, expect an onslaught of pictures and posts in the coming days!
After watching some home videos from Ava's first days, we recently realized that we used to read a lot to Ava when she was Carter's age, but not so much to Carter  yet. 
20 mintues after we made the discovery, I walked in the kids room to find this :)
At first it was just Daddy and Carter, but it didn't take long for Ava to weasel her way in between them!
Daddy chose "5 Little Sleepyheads", one of our favorites.
Love to see this :)
Of course Ava had to get in there and do some "mothering"-i.e., checking to make sure Carter didn't need her to put his paci in his mouth :)
Daddy to the rescue.
Ava decided she would like to go ahead and read the story too. 
And actually, we've read it so many time, she probably could get the story right!
Sweet baby boy.
Happy big sister.
Blessed Daddy :)

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Ron and Peggy said...

Such a small thing, reading to your children can change their whole world. If you are a reader during your lifetime you have a much broader education.