8 Months Old!

I'm behind again this month, but I thought I needed to get something posted about your 8th month before it's over! 
You are getting bigger and bigger in that chair and are really beginning to dwarf that teddy bear! 
At 8 months, you are...
-Wearing mostly size 6-9 mo clothes, with a few 12 mo things thrown in there.
-In size 4 diapers, which is the same size that Ava wears!  Convenient :) 
-Drinking 6-7oz bottles, every 3-4 hours.
-Eating mostly fruits with a few veggies/proteins too.  We got behind on our solids this month because you were sick for 14 full days with a stomach bug :(  So, we are trying to get back into a routine with other foods and as soon as those teeth come in, we'll be ready to introduce you to some new things!  I think you're ready for it, you lunge and grab at everything we eat.
-Napping twice a day, for a couple of hours each time.
-Sleeping about 9 hours a night...good, but we want to get you back to 11 hours again!  You got out of that habit while you were sick and waiting for these teeth to break through has messed you up a little bit, but we're thankful for 9 hour stretches too.
-Starting to say "da da" all the time now!  It's adorable and you really ramp it up when your Daddy is in the room!  We love to hear you over the monitor after you wake up calling for your da da.  It makes smile.
The worst part of this month was that darn stomach bug that kept you down for a full 2 weeks.  You were a trooper but it made me so sad to see you throw up and be so fussy.  The only upside was that you wanted me to cuddle you and hold you a lot, which I was happy to do, until your sister got sick too.  Good thing we made it through those few weeks alive Carty! 
You were an awfully good patient, considering how lousy you probably felt. 
We have seen such big changes in you this month Carter!  You are so ready to be big like your sister and you are interested in just about everything she does. 
We've ditched your infant seat in the stroller now and you are totally into your new view!  You giggle and shriek when the wind blows your hair and you are enthralled with taking in all that you see.  You're such a happy guy though and you just never fuss.  We forget you're in the stroller most of the time!
Most of the day you spend sitting around, chewing on your toys.  So far you are still stationary, but I know that's going to change very, very soon.  You are reaching and leaning for everything, trying to get up on your knees even, so I'm sure it won't be long!
Your Uncle Jesse took some pictures of you this month that I love.
He helped capture your little personality and your curious spirit and we're grateful to have these from this sllice in your life!
But mostly, I just love to think of you like this...Laying around, happy as can be, just enjoying life :)
You and your sister are becoming quite the pair!  You love to play together now and your Daddy and I just love watching the two of you.  I often ask Ava to bring you toys or sit and talk to you and she does it!  Happily :)
You make her giggle Carty and I'm so grateful for the two of you!
Oh Carter, we love you buddy.
You are a joy in our lives and each month just gets better and better. 
8 months has come and gone too quickly but we can't wait for the fun ahead!

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Ron and Peggy said...

ADORABLE! Love that cutie! Kiss those cheeks for us.