To the Men I love on Father's Day.

Happy Father's day to the men in my life!
To the first man who held me, rocked me, kissed me, hugged me,  loved me and raised me...
The man who taught me what it means to experience a Father's love.
Happy Father's Day Dad!
I love you.
I'm grateful for you.
I'm blessed because of you!
And now my kids are blessed to know your love too.
If Fathers are a treasure, Grandfathers are a wealth of treasure.
The gifts my Dad gave me continue to multiply and gain interest today.
A faithful marriage with my Mom.
Unconditional love for my sisters and I.
Stability. Loyalty. Kindness.
And a love for Jesus that's led him and us my entire life.
But he also gave me the gift of how to know that this man would be the wonderful Dad that he is.
He modeled manhood for me so that I when God brought this man to me, I knew that he would be exactly the kind of Father I wanted to marry, so that the legacy could continue for my kids too.
And continue it has.
Happy Father's Day to the man of my dreams!
To the one who chose me to be his wife.  Who dreamed of parenthood with me.  Who held my hand while our babies took their first breath.  Who gets up in the night when cries fill the air.  Who comforts and holds and kisses two little lives who depend on him to model Fatherhood and manhood to them.
Happy Father's Day to the man who makes our babies smile and their Mom trust.
To the one who isn't afraid to be the Daddy of their dreams.
Like me, he has also been blessed by the men God put in his life who showed him how to be a man, a Father.  Dads come in all kinds of forms, in all kinds of roles.
Uncles who step in and play the sports that boys love to play.
Step-Dads who love and provide and care for the ones who God puts in their lives.
Fathers who pass down family traits and characteristics.
And mentors who take you in, who laugh with you, who guide you and who love and encourage you to be the man God created you to be. 
Happy Father's Day to all of these men who have shaped my man.
Travy, you are exactly the Daddy I knew you would be and exactly the Daddy they need you to be.
Nothing warms my heart more than to see their faces light up when you come home, to hear their giggles when you play with them and hold them close, and to hear the prayers you pray over them when we tuck them in at night.  I'm so thankful for they have you Trav.  You are wonderful to them.
And wonderful to me too.
Happy Father's Day to you babe.
I love you.
I can't imagine sharing these exhausting, exhilerating, and incredible years with anyone buy YOU. 
You make me proud to be your wife.

Celebrating all of you Dads today! 
Thank you for the way you've shaped my life and the life of my husband and kids. 
We love you all!!