10 (.75) Months

Oh Carter, I'm really behind this month in posting your 10 month update...You are just a week or so away from turning 11 months so this morning I am getting this up fast and furiously! 
This has been a VERY big month for you!
I just love this picture of you buddy!  It's very fitting because in general you are just one happy, little guy.  As you've grown up and are starting to understand more and more, you have begun to get really excited or really mad :) Your emotions are in working order!
Here are some stats about you...
-You are sleeping better this month, we put you to bed around 8pm and you sleep til 6:30 or 7:00. We feed you and then you go back to sleep for another hour or so.  You usually nap for 1-2 hours in the morning and another 2-3 in the afternoon. 
-You are wearing 9-12 mo clothes, but more 12 mo than anything.  I don't know how much you weigh but you sure are solid!  You are getting very heavy for me to hold and I'm pretty sure you've passed your sister up in weight this month!
-You are still in a size 4 diaper
-You LOVE to eat, but only a few things :) I don't want to call you *picky* yet but you definitely know what you want and what you DON'T want.  You love carbs, i.e. bread, crackers, puffs, cereal, pasta etc.  You also love yogurt, applesauce, pears, peaches, and mandarin oranges.  What I can't get you to eat is a vegetable of any kind or much protein.  I just keep putting it in front of you, hoping you'll decide one day that you like it. 
-You are still drinking formula several times a day but you're really beginning to wean yourself off of it.  You drink a 6oz bottle in the morning and before bed, but during the day it's kind of a take it or leave it scenario.  That's ok though because we're very close to switching you over to whole milk completely, so I'm glad you are losing interest in formula.
The big news of the month is that you are crawling!!!  For the last few weeks you've been army crawling everywhere but on Friday, August 12th, we put you down for an afternoon nap and when you woke up I set you on the ground and watched while you got right up on your knees and just started cruising!  The best part was that Texie, Daddy and I all got to witness it firsthand and we just couldn't believe it.  It was like a switch flipped while you were sleeping and you just "got it."  Thankfully I also got it on video as it was unfolding, which is the kind of thing that keeps your Mom awake at night asking the Lord to grant us that grace to capture as many firsts on video as we can, especially for you :) The "second" child!  Ha ha! 
Since that day, you are now Carter the explorer!  You have been in every nook and cranny of our house, opening cupboards and drawers, finding all kinds of "treasures" on the floor and following your sister everywhere she goes.  It's a whole new world for you buddy and I love to watch you discover it!
As I mentioned earlier, you got to see your Texie this month and get lots of extra love from her :)
Now that you are on the move, I find you doing lots of this...self entertainment.
It's great watching you play with the things that interest you and knowing that you can get them out anytime you want!
I don't know if it's the crawling or what, but you've started to look so much older to us this month! 
So much like a little boy now :)
As you've started crawling you've also started pulling up on anything you can.
Which is exciting for this big sister! 
But also a little dicey when she realizes that you're now capable of reaching "her stuff!"
I think you are very happy with yourself this month Carter!  I can tell you've been wanting to do these things for awhile and now that you can, you are very happy about it :)
One thing that makes me laugh is to watch you discover any kind of soft blanket or toy.  You immediately dive bomb it and rub your face in it or roll around on it!  You love this stuffed horse because it's very soft and when you see it, you make a bee line for it to do this.  Makes us laugh every time!
You also love the plastic golf clubs.  Occasionally they become a weapon and I have to intervene, but mostly you just love to wave them around and put them in your mouth.  I hope this is the first chapter of your love for the game of golf!
You and Ava are becoming quite the pair.
We love to watch you "play" together and I can even let you guys be in another room without me, as long as I can hear you.  I can always tell trouble is coming when I hear..."NO Carty, dats MINES!"  I know to start running when those words come out :)
Mostly though, your big sister is thrilled about you.  She loves to make sure you have your blankie at all times and she has become the keeper of your pacis.  It makes our hearts glad to hear her say, "Come here buddy, be careful!"  or "Ohhhh Carty, do you love it?" or "Sooo cute Carty, Mommy look, so cute!
You guys are becoming fast friends and we are thankful.  When you're napping Carter, Ava asks me a thousands times if she can "go get um?" or "check um Momma?" or "See Carty??"  Even though she may take toys away from you or try to protect her treasures from you, she truly loves you and her little mothering instincts kick in when you are in trouble or crying or trying to do something.
Our big adventure this month was to take you camping!  Someday I'll realize how crazy that was, considering how little you are, but honestly you were so good!  And you loved the freedom to crawl all over the place and play in the dirt.  I wonder why??
At home you have become my little "helper" too.
Whenever you hear that dishwasher open, you come as fast as you can so you can get your little hands in there!
I have to move quickly, but I love this little face staring up at me.
I love you so much Carter.  It's such a joy to watch you develop and grow into the little boy that you are. 
Your Daddy and I wouldn't change anything about you.  We know the Lord has created every aspect of who you are and we are honored to train you up and guide you to know and love Him in return. 
We love you Carty!!
You bring laughter and more JOY to our home and we cannot imagine life without YOU!
Happy 10 months sweet boy!

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