What Have We Been Doing This Week?

Well, in the 7 days since Daddy has been home we have been busy!  Mostly we've just enjoyed getting back into some kind of schedule again and trying to put our house/lives back together again after a terribly busy summer.  Here are some of the reasons I've been quiet lately...

1. On the sibling front, these two are dancing in unfamiliar territory these days...One minute they are the best of friends, playing right along side each other, and the next, one or both are in tears :)
And yes, that is a chair they crawled under.
But oh what fun they were having! 

2. I need to sign my boy up for the army because he has perfected their crawl!
This boy is officially all over the house and in record time!  He's the fastest little army crawler I've ever seen and I'm starting to think I'm going to have to invest in more shirts unless he figures out how to get up on those knees soon :)
Ava loves the new mobile Carter, unless he's after a toy of hers, then watch out Carty!  Lots of explaining and lessons in kindness and sharing happening over here...That boy will follow all of us when we leave the room, he is just dying to be wherever we are!  And Ava is just dying to show him how fast she can army crawl too.
Little boy, big world.
New motivation to keep the floors clean :)

3. THIS is what greeted Trav home from Peru when he stopped by his office last week!
Hundreds and hundreds of balloons, waist deep in fact, filled his office. 
He called me to bring the kids up, Ava thought she was in Heaven I think!
It's not everday you get to play in a sea of balloons.
Even Carty got to enjoy the overflow when we opened the door!
Travis crawled through and chased Ava...can you see them?
Where's waldo (ava)?
It was perplexing on many levels :) And fun.  But I did spend a solid hour on Sunday popping balloons so that he could even get in his office or near his desk!  Good to know you're loved...

4. We took the kids out for lunch and to a variety of car dealerships in the twin cities...
They did very well considering how NOT fun it probably was for them :)
Ava officially downed three bowls of salad at the O.G.!  She is a rabbit I think.

5. We went to the zoo!
We met the little guys I used to nanny for and their Mom Heather.  It was so much fun to see them, they are not little anymore!  Ava loved it and I didn't take any pics, other than these while we were waiting for the dolphin show to start. 
Carter hung in there, it was a hot day and he didn't really notice any of the animals, but he did nap in his stroller and remain his happy self for the entire trip.  Love that about him :)

6. Finally, we bought a minivan!!
Probably not exciting to the average person, but to us very exciting.
It's a long story, but it's way fancier than we every hoped we'd find and we just love it!
So although Trav's been "off" for a couple of days, we've stayed very busy and I'm exhausted! 
Thankfully Texie is here for awhile to visit, so I've got an extra set of hands while I catch up on the other things I neglected, like laundry!

Hope you've had a great start to your week too :)


Ron and Peggy said...

Great car! I know you'll love the ease of getting small ones in and out of a minivan. Just sew mops to the kids shirts and turn them loose! Clean floor. Lol

The Martins said...

Love the new ride! We have the same one but blue! We love it!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on the minivan!!! Hope you are loving it!!