11(.5) Months

Yep, same song and dance this month...I'm posting this a few weeks late :) You are just a few weeks from your first birthday but here is what you've been up to in your 11th month!
This is you after your first big boy haircut. 
I almost can't take it Carter.  You look SOOOO much older now! 
Here's a good profile shot for the relatives :) You are officially a toe-head Carter.  Any dark locks you once had are definitely gone.  Your hair is almost white!  We think you are such a handsome little guy.
This month you have definitely grown!  I took your sister in for a possible ear infection and had the doctor weigh you too.  Ava weighed in at 26 lbs and you weighed in at almost 23 lbs!  You are wearing size 4 diapers and size 12-18 month clothes.  You are constantly on the move now and into everything in sight!  You keep me on my toes Carty!  
I love this picture. 
You remind me of a teenage boy trying to show off your *skills* !!
In addition to crawling like a wild man, you are cruising all over the house.  You love to pull up on anything and everything and you love to walk behind your little car walker (or anything else that can be pushed).  You haven't taken a step yet, but you are getting more brave by the minute so I know it won't be too much longer before you can chase your sister.
You love your growing independence and we love that for you.  I'm sure it's frustrating to watch Ava do all the things you want to be doing too, so we love to see you reach these milestones!  Those big blue eyes dance with joy whenever you do something new.  You bring so much LIFE to our home Carter!  We are grateful for the addition that you are. 
As we've enjoyed the last of the summer heat, you've started braving the slide!
You move at a snail's pace, but you giggle the whole way down!  It's so cute!
I can't imagine what going to the park next year will be like.  I'm sure you and Ava will be busy bees and maybe Daddy and I will get to do more watching :)
You and your sister and truly two peas in a pod.  I'm not sure who gets more excited about playing together, you or Ava, but we get such a kick out of watching the two of you play.
We thought your sister was a daredevil, but it's clear that you are going to be much LOUDER and probably WILDER too!!  You are ALL BOY Carter!  You love to bang on things, throw things, yell and make as much noise as possible!  Sometimes Ava covers her ears and tells you, "NO Carty!  Dat's too loud!"  I can't say I blame her, you can make some serious noise buddy :)
This has been a hard month for your mouth.  You have 4 teeth that are in and several more on the way.  It's affected your eating and sleeping a little bit, but just this week you seem to be back on track.  We were a little nervous for a couple of weeks.  You seemed to only eat about 3 things and we were starting to panic that you were turning into a picky eater.  Thankfully you are back to your well-balanced self this week, in hindsight I think your teeth were really hurting you.  It is clear that you love to eat and you let us know by your screams when we aren't moving fast enough :)
You are still a great napper, taking two a day most days.  You have fallen asleep in the car a lot more now, as we have you on the go.  That little blue polka dot blankie is your favorite.  You immediately bring in up to your face and close your eyes while you rub your face with it.  It's precious.  I hope you do that for a long time :)
We've introduced sports to you in a big way this month! 
The Hawkeyes started playing football and we've got you outfitted in your Iowa gear!
We've also spent tons of time on the sidelines, cheering on Daddy's soccer team.  You are such a good sport, you never cry at the games you just watch everything and crawl everywhere you can.
We can't wait to watch you play someday Carter!  I just know your Dad and I will LOVE sitting on the sidelines to cheer on you and Ava, in whatever sports you decide to play.  One of the reasons we chose your name was because we thought we liked the way it sounded when we yelled it! 
"GO Carter!!!"  Ha ha!!  I hope you love sports as much as we do :)
As we get closer and closer to your first birthday, I'm getting very sad about letting your first year go.  If there is one word I can use to describe what you've meant to us this year, it would be JOY!  Your easy grin, your laid back personality, your giggle...You just bring us so much joy and happiness. 
So there you go big guy.  It's been a great month and it's fleeting right before our eyes.  You are growing up Carter and even though your Mommy's heart hurts these days, we know you are gradually becoming the little boy God created you to be and that is a good thing. 
We love you buddy!
Happy 11 months!

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