Looking Back on the Week...

Whew!  What a week!  I have been running from one place to another this week and trying like crazy to keep my ducks in a row.  Travis' student ministry team is in the process of moving their offices from one floor to another.  They're getting a new suite that they've asked me to re-design for them, so lots of my free time lately has been spent working on that.  Hence the blog silence this week :( The wheels do not move quickly at a big Church because there are so many hands and departments involved, but I'm hoping they will be in their new offices by the end of next week!  It's been a really fun project and I'm loving the way it's turning out.  I'll take some pictures when it's done and share them with you. 

I've also been busy this week getting ready for a baby shower that I'm throwing for a dear friend tomorrow.  Some other friends are helping me, but I've definitely got my hands full today!  I've set up camp in my kitchen and will be here for most of the day I think :) I do love throwing/hosting/planning parties, but it's always a struggle for me to mix reality with creativity.  I always have a million ideas and rarely the time or  money to pull them off!  Ha ha!  I've been working on some cute things though and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of the set-up tomorrow too.  Right now I'm letting some dough chill for a few minutes so I have a little break to show you some funny pictures from our week...
I know I've shared before that my little Ava LOVES when the garbage truck comes 3 mornings a week.  We live in a condo and from one of our windows, we have a perfect view of where the garbage trucks pulls up to access the dumpster in our garage. 
She hears the truck every week and goes running to the window to watch it, and now to wave and say hi to the garbage man, who so sweetly looks up at her and waves every single time.  It's so cute.
Well recently, Carter has picked up on the commotion that the truck brings and he crawled his way to the window to watch on Wednesday too.
What cracked me up and made me tear up, was that Ava saw him next to her and as she waved and yelled "HI!" she put her arm around Carter and yelled, "This is Carter!"  I know he couldn't have heard her and I didn't tell her to do that, but it was so precious.  I literally laughed and felt my eyes well up with tears.  I just love to watch her little nurturing instincts come out! 
Squealing with delight at the sight of...garbage. 
Ha ha!
As the weather gets cooler, one thing I am LOVING about Carter is getting to dress him in little sweatshirts and jeans and track suits!  He's so handsome in his warm stuff, I just love it!
And I'm starting to get used to his big boy haircut now.  It's taken me a full week to look at him and not mourn his long, baby locks.  I see so much more of Travis in him and I'm starting to accept that his 1st birthday is just a little over a week away...
I posted this picture of Ava on facebook yesterday, but thought I would share it with all of you too.
She was playing with chalk while I was doing the dishes and I kept asking her if she was remembering to draw ONLY on the chalkboard.  Each time I asked she said, "Yes, Mommy" and I believed her.  Until she came to the kitchen for a drink and I laid eyes on her :)
Me-Uh oh Ava, did you draw on yourself??
Ava-*shakes her head*-NO.
This little nut has also made my head turn this week as I've caught a glimpse of her and thought,
"Wow. She looks so much like a little girl now." 
She talks a mile a minute and it's very easy to understand her now.  She's remembering so much and all of her little teachers in the nursery at Church tell me the funniest stories about her. 
Between the ponytail and this precious outfit that her Nana and Papa sent her, I just couldn't take my eyes off her on this day :)  I always wondered what she'd look like, when she was just a baby, and now I'm getting a good preview of the years ahead.
Hello little teenager...
You are a beautiful sight in our eyes Ava!
Here's a good picture of this handsome guy, going "King Kong" on us.
He loves to haul his little buns outside to this table so he can pull up on it and shake it with all his might!  It's hilarious, but the first time he did it I had to SPRINT out there to stop him because that table was holding 3 heavy pots of dirt which he had dancing on that table top!  I'm sure we were seconds from it landing on his head!  That's a good picture of what life with Carter is like right now.  He is ALL BOY and roams this house looking for things he can shake, throw, bang, break or destroy :)
I know.
This sweet face is capable of all that chaos!! 

I love my kids.
And my husband. 
It's been a busy week but a good one too.  I am sure soaking up the nostalgia of really one full week left until my baby turns one.   Wasn't it just yesterday I was pregnant with him??? 

Happy Friday friends!

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Carter's new haircut looks so cute on him!