Thinking Pink!

This is my sweet friend Nicole, who is expecting her first baby in just a few weeks!!  On Saturday I got to help throw a shower for her and it was so much fun.  She is a treasure to me, we've been meeting together for a couple of years now.  We started meeting after we both went to a luncheon with older women and younger women.  Guess who was the "older woman" in this scenario???  ME!  And I'm so grateful the Lord has brought us together for this season in our lives.  There is something so fun about watching someone become a Mom for the first time and standing by them with encouragement and support.  We've prayed for this little girl for a long time and I just can't wait to meet her soon!!
We've also bonded because we are both Iowa girls :)
Her Mom and Grandma both drove up for the shower, which was fun for her to be able to introduce them to her Minnesota friends.
I was busy this week doing things like baking and cutting out circles.
Lots and lots of circles!  Ha ha!
Cupcake circles and Menu circles...
Although I was kicking myself for not getting a picture of all the food before we ate it all, this is what we had...So yummy on a Saturday morning!
I also made some blocks that turned out pretty cute and were super easy.
It's pretty hard to screw up a baby shower for a little girl, everything is also so cute together!
This was my favorite craft of the week :)
I found the idea on etsy and just made my own version of it.  I love how it turned out!

I mean seriously.
How cute is that???  This is why I'm always a fan of finding out the gender of your baby!  It makes the gift giving so much more fun :)
The upside to buying too many mints is that I had plenty to snack on in Church today!
I also roped Travis into helping me ice 3 dozen sugar cookies at 11:00pm the night before! 
He is a good man people, a gooooood man.
They are baby rattles but I do realize they also look like upside down snowmen.
That's what you get for making creative decisions late at night :) The dots seemed so cute at the time, but in hindsight, they make the perfect face...
Oh well.  They tasted good so all is forgiven I think! 

We had a precious time celebrating Nicole and her little girl.  I'm so glad she'll be staying home with her too because I'll get to see her more often now!!  I currently have the baby bug, but I attribute that to a friend who is about to give birth and the reality that my newborn will be 1 next week.

 All this baby stuff makes me very excited to throw baby showers for my sisters someday!!  Stacie and Jennie, you better get going before I have another one :) 
Just kidding of course.

Sort of...

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