I'm grateful that we all got some sleep around here last night but I think I was hoping for a little bit more of a rebound today than it seems we're getting.  Carter is still struggling to feel well, he has a very raspy cough and scratchy throat that just breaks your heart.  He's had a hard time going down for naps, which hasn't helped, and lucky us...the neighbors above us are getting new carpet installed today, which means lots of noise from all the tools and workers.  BUT, we're making the most of it and today there isn't a single toy that's off limits or a game we can't play!  If they want to do something, really anything, they're getting a resounding "yes" from me today!
Travis and I were noticing yesterday just how much weight Carty has lost over the last few days.  He's slimmed down a few pounds I'm sure, we can see it in his face and we can tell when we pick him up.  I'm grateful that he's already eating more today than he did yesterday, so hopefully we're on the upswing there.  I love this picture of him.  Carty loves to push Ava's baby strollers around, which she does not love.  I've had to convince her that Carter is helping her by taking the babies for a walk, ha ha!  So far it's working but there's always a few seconds of panic on her face when he goes near a stroller.  I'm running lots of interference between these two!
He's also been my little shadow today.  He wants me to hold him, sit with him, play with him, cuddle with him, etc.  I'm all for it, but Mommy needs a break!  Ha ha!  If I manage to escape for a few minutes, it's a matter of time before he's whining at my side and holding his arms up for me to scoop him up again.  Sweet boy.  I'll take what I can get because it's only a matter of time before he's back to being busy and wanting nothing to do with cuddling.
This little nut is feeling much better I think.  She still has a cough and runny nose, and I can hear her raspy breathing, but she's got a lot more energy and she's playing and eating like normal for the most part.  Unfortunately I haven't been feeling too great today.  I feel like I'm on the cusp of a sore throat, ear ache, etc so I'm trying to lay low and rest when I can.  I took a little nap this morning and then Ava climbed in bed with me and looked through my stack of catalogs.  I saved the American Girl catalog for her and she just loved looking at all the dolls and accessories.  She asked me to "find a stroller?" for her to look at and thankfully, I found one.  That girl loves her strollers!  She asked if I could go get it and I told her maybe she could ask for one for her birthday.  She liked that idea and then when I told her that  her birthday was "comin up" soon, she asked if could I go get her the birthday stroller today? 
 It may be a long wait til April :)
Even in the midst of all this pneumonia craziness, I've managed to string together a long weekend of really fun girl days.  We had a mani/pedi night scheduled with my Pastor's wives friends at Church last night, but I was willing to give it up and stay home with the kids.  Graciously, Travis told me to go and enjoy it, even though I was gone all weekend with friends.  I felt bad leaving, but felt much better about it when I climbed up in my massage chair and let them rub my feet while I chatted with girlfriends!  We had such a fun time together, all but 2 of us were there, so with 10 of us we shut the place down :)
As I was leaving, I told Ava where I was going and she said to me, "Bye Mama!  Have fun with your friends!  Thanks for coming over!" 

Good grief, I'm gone for a few nights and just like that they forget that I live here and spend 99% of my time with them :)
Probably a good idea for me to stay home tonight! 

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Ron and Peggy said...

Oh, I had no idea the kids have been sick! Ron was just catching me up since I've been gone every day all day forever, it seems. Give those sweeties a kiss. I can see Carter does look wan. Take care of the Mommy! XXXOOO