I'm finding myself in a bit of a funk today, not really motivated to do anything.  Tomorrow is Valentine's day, which I typically love, and as of right now I've done absolutely nothing to prep for it.  I made the mistake of looking back on the blog last year to see what we did and now I *officially* feel like a loser.  Last year I made a big themed breakfast, I had gifts for everyone, we got a babysitter, went on a date, exchanged gifts with each other, etc., etc.. 

But this year, with one day to go, I've got nothing. 

We've got Bible study in the morning and Carter has an afternoon well-check appt. at the pediatrician, but that's about it.  I don't know what I'm making for dinner, I have no gifts for the kids or Travis and shock of all shocks, I haven't made a single sugar cookie. 

Can you say, lame??? 

The worst part is that I'm tired today and completely uninspired.  I hate it when that happens. 

So, I have a few options. 

-I could forget the whole thing and just act like it's another day. Kisses and hugs for everyone, but that's about it.
-I could get on pinterest, get inspired to step up my game and come up with something special to redeem the day.
-I could drag myself out to Target tonight, to get supplies and groceries for afun/romantic night in tomorrow.


I could sit here and do nothing.

Which is what I'm currently choosing to do. 

I need some holiday help...



Laurie G said...

Dear Sweet Stephanie,

From a fellow "Queen of Lame"... give yourself a break!! :) You've just gone through an entire week-plus of two little kiddos with pneumonia AND you're recovering from some "yuck" yourself.

I'll borrow some "scrapbooking advice" that I've handed out over the years to apply here...

It's not the "fluff" that they remember or that means the most... it's your words, the stories, and the fact that your memories are from being "together".

Even if it is just on regular plain paper... write your husband a note. Tell him what means the most to you this year about who he is - as a husband and as a father.

Write a note to each of your children - tell them what makes you proud of them at this point in their lives... tell them what makes you smile, what makes you laugh, and what your heart's prayer is for them.

Those notes will be treasured for years to come (even if they aren't on pretty paper!!).

If you have a red tablecloth - put it on the table... and if necessary, serve McDonald's on your nice dishes... telling them you love them while you do it! :)

This is experience talking (why do I suddenly feel old?!? - HA!)... just being together with some sweet words of love and appreciation spoken is sometimes just all that can happen, and you might be surprised at how special the time is even without all the "hoopla"!

Having a holiday like this doesn't make you less of a mom or less of a wife - it makes you real! :)

I love you dear friend... relax and love your family with what you DO have - YOU! It's the best gift you can give them!

petrii said...

Laurie has some true inspiration right there. I made a scrapbook card for my son in college and made one for my man and my g-babe. I also got a little sucker for my g-babe and that's it. We may get the cupcake material out after while if I get to feeling better, but I have a UTI and just not feeling well, so we will probably low key it our selves.

Love you friend ~~ whatever you do, your family will love you and think you are the best wife and mommy in the world!!!

Have a Blessed day ~~ and Have Happy and Beautiful Valentine's Day ~~ Dawn

Robyn said...

We aren't doing really anything either. Went to a movie last night, but nothing today and I think it's ok!!! It can be exhausting to be amazing at every possible holiday. What is more important is our relationships with the ones we love day in and day out. :)