Ava's 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was a big day in our house, one we've been counting down for awhile :) Miss Ava Page turned the big 3 years old and it was a day that was full of much celebrating!  She has been fully aware of her birthday this year and has been eager for it to arrive.
She greeted me (woke me up) yesterday, holding her new princess plate that I had waiting for her on the table.  I think she could tell, it was going to be a good day!!
Sprinkle pancakes on her birthday, of course :)
She had us laughing early when we realized she didn't know what to do when someone said "Happy Birthday" to her.  My Mom called and told her and she answered with, "Yes!  Happy birthday!!"  We had to teach her to answer with "thank you" instead, which then led to a constant stream of  "thank you" while we sang to her, after every line that said "Happy Birthday to you!"  Ha ha!
We got all ready to go to our Tuesday morning Bible study at Church and then she spotted a new Barbie guitar my friend Elesia gave us the night before.  She called it her "Buitar" and promptly rocked out to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"  Amen sister, this was her day to have fun indeed!!
After Bible study she got to go on a lunch date with Daddy.
He brought her home after lunch and she was all smiles. 
Which may have also had to do with the balloons Carter and I picked up for her!
I bought three and fought with them the whole way home in the car, got in the door with them only to have one pop at the exact instant Ava touched it!  Good grief.  Good thing I had two more for backup :)
 Can't believe this little girl is 3 already...
...except for the fact that she's getting taller, talking constantly, totally into everything princess and all about asserting her independence!  Ha ha!  Sounds like 3 to me :)
 We did not do a party this year with friends, she opted for a party at home with Mommy, Daddy and Carter.  However, I wanted it to be a special day for her, so you'll quickly be able to spot our "theme" for the night...Let's just say we are Disney's target market right now!

 I'm not sure I could properly describe her joy when she realized that she'd be dining with Belle all night!

I picked some flowers from one of our pretty trees and discovered some pink and white candles I had on hand.  She was THRILLED at both additions :) 
 And what would a party be without pink, sprinkle, princess cupcakes??
I love 3!  No pressure to be amazing, they love simple and homemade :)
Carter was all out of sorts yesterday.  I think maybe he clued in that yesterday was all about Ava and I believe he was a little bit jealous!  We tried to make up for it but he was on to us and not having it :) There were plenty of tears out of this guy all day long.
Ava, however, was in a bubble of joy all day long!
Playing with her "buitar"...
...posing for me...
...trying to hold up 3 fingers...
...and just being sweet!
We just love this little nut!
She patiently waited all day to open her gifts...
 ...which did not disappoint!  She got some furniture for her dollhouse that was lacking.
...and Carter got a sucker to distract him from all the gift giving :)
 The rest of her loot centered on all things princess!  New clothes for her Belle doll, a princess book, swimsuit, jammies and a new Cinderella dress-up dress.  
 I mean really, Disney cleaned up this year and made some money off of us!!
But the icing on the cake was this jogging stroller that she adored.
She's got a love for strollers like none other and she's been asking for one for MONTHS. 
She was BEYOND EXCITED at the sight of this one :) We told her she could push her baby to the park in this stroller and that truly made her birthday joy complete!
After she reveled in the stroller she immediately asked to wear her Cinderella dress :)
We had her favorite for dinner, spaghetti.
Which is also Carty's fave.  It was a happy mood around our table last night!
Pagey, your Daddy loves and adores you!
And the same goes for your Mommy.  You bring so much joy to our hearts and to our family and we just love you sweet girl!
In the blink of an eye this happened...
 Which is exactly what happened when I tried to get the birthday girl to give me a good smile with her cupcake :)
Carter's day was redeemed with the gift of his very own cupcake to devour. 
He went to bed very happy and smelling like frosting :)
And our little princess slept in her new jammies, which she was happy to model for me.

It was a great day at our house.  We are grateful to God for 3 wonderful years and hope for many, many more with Ava.  There are only so many years that she'll want to sleep in princess jammies but we'll take it as long as we can get it! 

Happy Birthday Ava Page!  We love you so much!!

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Jesse and Stacie said...

Cute! Looks like a great birthday to me. Glad Carty enjoyed his cupcake at the end of the day. :)