Let the April Birthdays Begin!

Somebody had a birthday in our family yesterday! The first of 3 in our own, little family this month!!  We woke up to celebrate another year with the best Husband and Daddy.  After some funny renditions of "Happy Birthday to You!" and lots of morning kisses and hugs, we made sure to tell Daddy just how much we love him.
I tweeted about this yesterday, but on Sunday night while we were having dinner, I was prompting Ava to complete the phrase, "I love Daddy because ______."  I was helping her with ideas like, "he tucks me in every night",  "he always plays with me" , "he loves me", etc.   When it was her turn to answer, she immediately chimed in with "He died on the cross for me!"  Whoops!  Parent fail :) We made sure not to steal that glory from the Lord and quickly reminded her that was a gift from Jesus, not Daddy!  But we laughed and laughed because about it too.  Sweet girl!
This little guy gave us a fight on Sunday night, indicating it might be a short night for us, but thankfully after a struggle to go to sleep, he gifted his Daddy with a quiet night! 
The birthday boy and I, one of us with some bedhead :)
So happy to be celebrating HIM!!  What a gift he is to me. 
Getting some pancakes ready for a little family birthday breakfast!  We knew we were going out for dinner, so I wanted us to do something together with the kiddos.
Grateful for their Dad!  I think he looks  pretty darn good for his age, especially considering these two little people who are giving us a run for every gray hair!!
Not that one of us has any gray hair :)
We had a little early birthday dinner on Saturday night and these two were pretty excited about the idea of some cake in their future!
 I did not kill myself to make Trav's favorite meal or dessert this year, he released me from that and suggested we just buy something.  One of the many reasons I love him!  Red velvet is one of his favorites and Costco makes a great one, so that's what we did.  We've enjoyed it for several days now but it has GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!  It's WAY too tempting everyday at 3:00 when the kids are napping.  I swear I hear it calling my name :)
Last night we got to spend some time together on a date, which was ultimately a gift for both of us :) We went for dinner, ended up with a free dessert and then got some coffee at one of our favorite cafes by Lake Minnetonka.  It was a beautiful night for a walk on the dock and time to just relax.  We sat at the coffee shop and noticed a table with a scrabble board that was inset.  When we couldn't find the tiles for it, we asked about them and sadly, they didn't have any.  So we did what any normal, tech saavy, hipster couple would do.  We played "Words with Friends" against each other from our phones :) I mean listen, I know that sounds so pathetic and we really did try to do it the old fashioned way (ha ha) but it was fun!  At least we weren't on facebook or something, right??  And by the way, in case there is any doubt, let me clear up now that we are SO not a hipster couple!! 
We are as lame and exhausted as most couples with two little kids :)
This is my birthday boy, when he was quite younger.  I got this picture in a text from his Mom, so I have no idea how old he is, but I couldn't help but notice the obvious.
Meet his "mini-me"!
Poor Trav has heard over and over about how much Ava looks like me, but as I assured him yesterday, Carter is a total look alike to him!  They share that white hair, the same eyebrows, a little button nose, a defined chin/jawbone, and the same sweet, little smile.  I think it's safe to say we each have a smaller version of ourselves! 

So, Happy Birthday to my best friend.  I know he doesn't need a blog post to know how much I love him, but I'm so grateful that the Lord brought us to one another 9 years ago.  He is an answer to all my prayers for a Godly husband and then some.  I love you babe!!

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