NOT complaining, just "Venting"

Just so we're all clear on this, I LOVE my kids.  They are adorable in the eyes of their Mommy and Daddy and we are so grateful that the Lord gave them to us. 
I mean seriously, does she just melt your heart or what??
Pretty and sparkly on the outside...
...but more importantly, beautiful on the inside! 
Then there's this little guy.  Handsome and independent...
 ...wild and brave!!
But sweet to the core.  Is he precious or what??

We love them.  LOVE them.  L-O-V-E them!! 

But Heaven help me, this stage in our lives just might do me in!  I am barely treading water these days, breaking up fights teaching them to share, cleaning up accidents enjoying potty training, averting one disaster after another letting them explore their surroundings, tripping over toys giving them the freedom to play, fixing snacks and meals constantly serving them with a smile, tuning out all the whining and crying  listening to them express their emotions and collapsing into bed at night going to bed fulfilled and excited for a new day!  You know, nothing unusual or difficult, just your average day with an almost 18 month and 3 year old. 

I tweeted this afternoon that my coffee was no longer cutting it...I'm not sure what the next step up is, but I did enjoy a lunch today of a Lindt dark chocolate truffle (x3).  Usually I reserve those for a treat after dinner, but today called for a treat at 1pm.  Not sure how to proceed from there! 

It's intense being a parent sometimes.  These early years are not for wimps!  I know sooner than later this too shall pass and one day, I'll actually "miss the chaos."  I'm not sure I totally believe that, but all older Moms love to tell me that :)

 Yep, I love them.  We'll keep them forever.  But if you see me in line at Starbucks, with a trail of chocolate wrappers in my'll know why! 

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Jessica said...

I have an almost 3 yr old and a 16 month old..pretty much the same as yours, and I feel exactly the same way. Like I can't tell you what I did all day, but it was craziness and I'm so tired! So glad I'm not alone!