Bloom Book Club Discussion

 Happy Wednesday, friends!
Today is the day you can find me at (in)courage weighing in on the Bloom Book Club discussion from Chapter 5 on Waste, in Jen Hatmaker's book Seven. I loved the video from this week, glad to know I'm not the only one who feels very behind in this area and convicted.  There is no way one of us can solve the world's waste and consumption problems but if that's where you're stuck, I think you've missed the whole point.  We do answer to the Lord for our own choices and we are accountable to Him in the way we steward the gifts He's given us.  Taking care of the world He gave us and the world He created is part of our job as citizens here.  We may not make a dent as an individual but if we all made better choices collectively, we'd make more than a dent in this growing problem.  If nothing else, for the years my children are under our roof I want them to see us struggle with our consumption.  I want them to hear us discuss when and why we make the purchases we do, I want them to see us choose to consider others better than ourselves, and I pray that what we talk about and stand for in public is really what they see us living out in our home. 

So, hop over and join me today!  And if *waste* is not your thing, come over anyway and weigh in.  Grace, not shame, is for you today!! 

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