On the Sidelines

I've been longing to hop on here and write for weeks now. Sooo much to write...Life has not been dull in our corner of the world and with a whirlwind of activities every week, it feels a little bit like I've been treading water with one arm tied behind my back.  I'm behind on just about everything and have a to-do list that is a mile long.  But who wants to talk about that??  My mind is swimming with thoughts and topics but for your sake and mine tonight, I'll leave you with some pictures of the world's cutest (albeit wild) fans :)
Daddy is thick in the soccer season and we have been planting ourselves on a many a sideline these days.  Well, I should clarify.  I have been planted there but not for long.  There is no planting when it comes to Ava and Carter!  They keep me on my toes :)  No sooner do I catch a big play than I turn around to discover that one or both of them are making a break for it! 
Sidenote-Can you see that Ava's shoes are on the wrong feet here?  She is all about getting dressed all by herself these days and I'm inclined to let her excercise that skill but 9 times out of 10 she gets her shoes on the wrong feet!  So cute.  It makes me laugh when I realize it hours later and know that she's been walking or running that way!  For some reason all kids seem to do that and most of them act like it makes no difference to them, why is that???
This little tornado is exactly that.  A TORNADO.  He is active with a capitol "A" these days!  I'm not kidding when I tell you that he requires our FULL attention all hours of the day.  In case you think I'm exaggerating, so far in 5 games he's run on the field during the game; run away from me and into an active parking lot (twice); and earned himself several trips the minivan for some "attitude adjustment" while screaming "NOOOOOO!" at the top of his lungs after I wouldn't let him do run into the street.  Fun times :)
At home, he's been equally as busy.  A few days ago he let himself out of our house and through our locked front door while I was in the shower!  Thankfully we live in a condo complex so he was just down the hall, but still!  I came out in my towel and quickly realized he was MIA...never good.  On Sunday, while Travis and I were talking in our room, he was busy playing in the living room with a knife and scissors. Yes.  Take a moment to ponder that a little bit. 
Yesterday (again while I was in the shower and he was supposed to be napping) he dumped a lit candle in my kitchen sink, pouring hot wax all over my dishes and thankfully, not himself.  Are you surprised to know that I never showered today??  How could I??  I can't turn my back for a SECOND on this little guy!  While I was on the phone today he was throwing a real golf ball halfway across our living room, dangerously close to our brand new TV. And when I say dangerously close I mean, he JUST missed it.  And since it's all of 24 hours old, that would have been quite a story...I mean, seriously!!??!!  I'm writing this down now so I will remember and laugh about it later. 
Like when I'm well rested and he's married :)
 Can you picture why I barely get anything done these days???  I'm considering tethering myself to him, just so I know where he is and what he's doing at all times.  Luckily for me, my mini-me (AKA the big sister) is a pretty great tattle-tale, which right now is a GREAT thing!  She helps me keep "Cawty"in line and away from the knives :)
Suckers are my latest bribing tool.  I'm not above begging my children to sit still with a sucker while they:
-Go to the grocery store with me
-Watch the soccer game
-Sit in the stroller after Church
-Let me talk on the phone
-Buy a new TV for their Dad :)
I'm desperate, people.  Right now, I've never met a piece of candy that I wouldn't consider hanging over their head!
Truthfully, as busy and wild as this little guy is, he has definitely stolen my heart.  He is a snuggly, cuddly, park-loving, ball-throwing, toe headed lover.  He is a GIANT whose feet are growing overnight and yet he loves to crawl in bed with me in the morning and say, "Baby?" with his paci and giraffe in hand. 
Wonder how many years he'll long to be my baby??
Can you stand how OLD this girl is???  It's Fall, so naturally I am counting down the years until I have to surrender her to school, whatever that means.  TWO!  That's how many school years are left until she's on her 13 year journey through education.  We decided not to do preschool this year, we're just not ready to give up our time with her or to be slaves to a schedule.  Maybe I'll regret that in a month or so, but I think it's going to be a fun year for her and Carter.  They are becoming quite the little friends and I want them to have this time together, knowing it will soon be a fleeting option.  We are doing some more field trips together and some one on one dates with her.  Travis and Ava are fishing buddies, they both just love that outing and I get a big kick out of their stories when they get home.  She is ALL ABOUT catching those fish and touching them she MY daughter??? Last week I took Miss Ava to a high school volleyball game (hilarious) and to my cousins' house for a family lunch.  Both times she was such a good girl and she told me afterwards, "Dat was SO fun Mama!" I am loving her independence these days, she's really pretty helpful right now.  She is my window washer, clothes folder and dish loader!  Well, she's "in training" in all of those things :) She loves it when I let her skip a nap but the deal is that she has to be my helper if she wants to stay up.  So far that idea is golden.  She goes for it everytime!  Again, wonder how long I'll get away with that??
Travis and I are both crazy busy right now.  He's in the middle of Fall kick-off at Church in addition to soccer.  I'm "working" a little on the side right now (doing some freelance design work) and trying to keep the ship afloat at home.  We are burning the candle on both ends but only (fingers crossed) for this present season.  I am working HARD to protect our days off and keep our days as unscheduled as possible.  This is kind of our last week before our fall activities begin and the kids and I are headed to Iowa for a few days, for my Grandpa's funeral.  Hoping to write about that tomorrow...
Anyway, we're doing well and the kids are getting cuter by the day.  Just look at those little peanuts, we are just crazy about both of them! 
You know, when they aren't wielding knives or running in streets :)
Hope your Fall is off to a great start!  I've missed you blog friends, really missed my time writing and sharing pics.  The busier I get, the more I long to get on here and write...
Like lots of things in my life right now, this is probably just not my season yet, and that's ok.  I am very grateful to have a busy husband and 2 little people to fill my days and weeks with, blog or no blog. 
 Hope your week is a blessed one! 

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