Thankful in November, Day 1 & Day 2

This is my third blog post of the day, who am I???  After some very busy weeks, today has been a sweet reprieve of rest.  I have been enjoying the view from my couch this afternoon  and I have no plans of changing that tonight.  Except for the two little people who may force me to get up every now and then, but seriously, Mommy needs a night with my feet up and nothing sounds better than doing a little writing too.
Among my group of friends on facebook and twitter, there is a great trend that is happening again this year.  Lots of people are listing something they are grateful for every day in November.  I didn't do it last year but thought I would do it this year, except on my blog instead, so I can write more.  Big surprise!  So here are my first two entries from November...
November 1- I am grateful for my Mother in Law and the way she loves us so well!
Trav's Mom (or Texie, as our kids call her) is so good about coming to see us and spend time with us.  I'm grateful for ALL of our extended family but it means a lot to us that she would make the great trek north over and over again to be here.  She always gives us nights out, time to run errands, she makes dinner, does my laundry and plays for days on end with the kids.  And we love her and appreciate her for it!  So I'm grateful for you, Pam.  Thank you for serving us and including us in your schedule.  I know it would be easier if we lived closer or could get to Texas more often but we are blessed that you are willing and able to fly here several times a year and we don't take it for granted.  Our kids love their Texie and so do we!
 Someday, when my own kids are in similar seasons (prayerfully) I want to do as much as we can to help them, spend time with them, love on them and bless them just as all of our parents have done for us!
November 2- I am grateful for our cozy, little home.
 The longer we live here, the more grateful I become.  I don't always love this condo but I am truly thankful for it.  I'm thankful for the person it has helped make me...Not perfect, but in process.  Living here has made me more content, it's taught me to appreciate what the Lord has ordained for us and generously given us.  I'm thankful that it's forced gratitude in me and helped me learn how to fight for joy, despite your circumstances or how you feel about them.  I love that this little condo is cozy, inviting, and just big enough for all of us...
I'll always love that we brought our babies home here.  These early years are precious, packed full of memories and these walls hold such joy and love.  We've struggled here, wrestled here, laughed here, wept here, prayed here and met the Lord here.  I lose sight of my perspective some days and long for the next home, for more space, a better location...I'm human.  Some times I wish I lived anywhere but here.  But those days are self-absorbed and not worth dwelling on. 
We are blessed, SO BLESSED, and we've been given much...
This is OUR home and I'm so grateful for it!
Join me?  What two things are you thankful for today?  

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