Curious Carter

I blogged about Carter's birthday breakfast a few weeks ago, but I thought you might enjoy some more pictures from the rest of the celebrating we did.  In lieu of a party this year with friends, we just had a couple of sweet times to celebrate with the four of us.  We left the birthday decorations up and kept Curious George on the table for a good week, which was fun for the kiddos to enjoy George at every meal time.  Carter turned 2 on a Wednesday, but on Friday night we celebrated again.
We had spaghetti (Carter's favorite) and then had some promised dessert...
Pumpkin cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Frosting.  Super good!
 Carter is our sweet tooth kid.  He's just like his Mommy!  We both love a good cupcake and I think I might have been just as excited to consume these as he was.  His Nana and Papa sent us some Fall goodies...
...including THIS adorable Curious George shirt!  I even got some treats in that package, some new baking accessories for fun cupcakes and cookies, so I was pretty motivated to make some for the birthday boy!
 Of course we sang to the birthday boy again..
And after he blew his candle out, he chose the lion cupcake.
Tough choice, they were all pretty cute!
 After dinner and cupcakes we got set up for our new Friday night family favorite...Movie Night!!
 We clear out the furniture, turn off all the lights, bring in lots of blankets, pillows and of course popcorn!  Nothing fancy, but our kids just love it.  And really, so do we :)
Carter can't sit through a whole movie yet, but he's getting closer to that.  He loves to watch cartoons now and if he can't stay still the whole time, he plays around us while still watching.
Ava is TOTALLY into the movie though :) She loves this new tradition and requests it often.  Popcorn is a treat for both of them and I think that thrills them just as much as the movie does!
Ava is not only a movie girl, but she's a girl of many expressions and sound effects while she watches...
She was particularly taken with this movie because it was...
...Cinderella!!  It's recently been re-released on DVD so this was their first time watching it.  I know, not exactly a classic choice for Carter's birthday, but at 2 he doesn't really care too much yet so we went with it!  The next weekend we chose Toy Story for him, if that makes it seem more fair :)
We love a quiet evening in our jammies too, but mostly we just love the opportunity for some free snuggles.  I forsee lots of movie nights this winter! 
Carter got lots of sweet gifts from his grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  Thank you!!  On this particular day he got a special delivery that he was quite intrigued by...
Aunt Shaye sent him something that he was pretty excited about...
 What is it??  A garbage truck :) And if you remember, we love the garbage truck around here!  This was a HUGE hit.  So thank you to Aunt Shaye!  And everyone else who gave us lots of trains, books, clothes, shoes and even a gift card to the Disney store we get to spend!  What a fun birthday for this little guy.  We sure love him and are grateful the Lord gave us Carter.  He definitely makes our October so much more fun!!

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