Pumpkins For Sale

Last Sunday, we stopped by one of my favorite places to buy flowers and pumpkins.  There is a cute family owned market just across the street from our Church and it's so darling it makes my heart happy to go there :) I usually request a trip here (alone) for Mother's Day so that I can buy some bedding plants.  The kids love it too, simply because of the pumpkins that grace the property every Fall.  They beg us to come here and since we pass it everytime we go to Church, they were long overdue a visit! 
 It was a gorgeous, warm day and there were tons of people who had the same idea we did.
Ava and Carter were all business!  We set them loose and they were on a mission to find all the pumpkins as soon as they could get their little hands on them :)
Which, lucky for them, was not a problem!  Aren't these great??  This is where I could spend all my money if I'm not careful and I don't walk away quickly!  Those warty pumpkins and all the different colors represented...I love them!  I like things that are unique :) Not to mention, those mums in the windows!  Aren't they beautiful?  Carter was all about this "Mawnkeeee" too.
After I pulled myself away from the amazingly expensive unique piles, we went for the rows of traditional cheaper pumpkins and set the kids free!
They insisted on a wagon...we said, "sure!"
It took them all of 2 minutes to make a decision.  As you can see, Ava was doing a victory speech about her choice!
 So much to look at, why would I ever ask them to look at me?? 
Carter was not a fan of the giant pumpkin boucy house, but he did like this little house instead :)
Busy, busy!  Carter stands still NEVER. 
 That little face kills us.  He is trouble, but he sure is cute!!
Isn't this place too much??
We came home with three pumpkins and the kids have loved them all week.  Last year I played the lazy card and drew on their pumpkins (lame) but this year I was determined to carve them.  I was hoping to step up my game a little bit and do something they would love and tonight I found a cute Disney carving kit and chose the Mickey Mouse pattern.  They loved it!  It was suprisingly easy (I've never used the kits before) and turned out pretty cute.  And not scary or evil.  Which is what we are going for :) We're all about the happy, Fall fun without the darkness of Halloween.  I think we achieved that!  

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