I wanted to share this news with you today because I think it's a significant opportunity that may be just right for YOU.  On (in)courage today, there was a big announcement about new community groups that are forming for women of all kinds, all ages and stages.  I'm sharing this with you because I think we all need to know how the Lord uses the internet for GOOD things, for things that build up and encourage and support his Church, as opposed to all the creepy and in appropriate ways people abuse the world wide web, you know??  There are God honoring things happening online, sometimes we just don't know about it!
 Today on (in)courage, they are rolling out tons of groups and inviting YOU to join one if you are looking for a community of women to belong to.  I know there are seasons in our lives when we all feel lonely or disconnected.  Some of you are active in your Church and have opportunities galore to connect and yet, that's not a reality for everyone.  Maybe illness has you homebound or a new baby has you up in the night, alone and feeling like you have no life :) Maybe your kids are in the thick of the school years or maybe this is the first school year you've got no one to send.  Whatever your stage or whatever your age, there is a group for you to join!  I defintely do NOT think that internet friendships and community groups replace real life, face to face relationships...those are SO important.  However, I do know that sometimes we find ourselves in a season with lots of real life friendships and sometime we don't.  I think this is a fabulous way to meet a need for those of us who feel lost or disconnected from other believers.  Who couldn't use a voice of encouragement and support in their world??  We all need that but we also need to be that for other people too.  I don't think this should be the "cake" that feeds your soul, but I do think it could be the icing!  So if you're longing for community and want to meet up with other amazing women from all over the world, check it out.  Read this to hear their heart and vision and consider it.  Who knows what the Lord could do?  These are the groups they are offering:
Do you fit one of those categories??  Check it out if you do!  Again, I'm all about the local Church being a priority and place where you faithfully plug in for teaching, fellowship, corporate worship and service opportunities but I also know that groups like this can be a real source of support and community if you are lacking in that area.  Some dear women in my life are friends I've not met in real life but have personally kept up with and been encouraged by through this little blog.  I never would have dreamed God would do that?  I think other women who speak truth into our life and who point us to the Lord are invaluable.  I think every woman (person) needs the following 4 people in their life: Paul (older woman), Timothy (younger woman), Barnabas (encourager) and Nathan (confronter).  Maybe the women on (in)courage could meet one of those needs in your life or you could do that for someone else.  God knows our needs even before we do and it would be foolish to think He couldn't redeem the internet to work in his Church! 
Just passing on the love today in case you needed to read this :)
Hope you have a blessed Tuesday! 

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