Carter's Birthday Breakfast

It's been such a fun day!  Our little Carty celebrated his 2nd birthday today and we had a family party this morning to start the day of right.  He's been anticipating his birthday for the last few days, mostly because Ava keeps telling him about it every 10 minutes :) I'm not sure he'd ever pick up on it if it weren't for an older sister who is (very much) into birthdays.  So, when we put him to bed last night I turned into a busy bee and set the scene for a breakfast party he'd love!
Curious George is a favorite character in our house right now and I knew Carter would LOVE to see his favorite monkey everywhere.  I didn't go crazy, $15 later from Party City and I had a sweet and simple party to go :)  We went back and forth about throwing him a party with friends but life has been very hectic for the last month and we decided we all needed something quiet and simple.  Plus, we aren't big fans of elaborate birthday parties and pressure for people to buy gifts.  We already have so much, it's just fun to celebrate the day and love on our kids! 
Of course a balloon had to be part of the celebration!  My kids go crazy for balloons, I think all kids probably do.  I was very proud of Ava when we picked out a balloon for Carter and she started asking for one too.  I explained that it wasn't quite time for her birthday yet but when it was, I would come back and she could pick one out.  She said ok and didn't protest, and the gal behind the counter told me how rare it is to see kids who can take a "not yet" from their parents without melting down.  I laughed because she certainly is capable of that reaction too, but I was proud of her being happy for Carter and willing to wait for her turn.  Sweet girl :)
 I got excited thinking about the look on Carter's face when he stumbled into the kitchen the next morning, I knew he would be all about George!!  This turned into one tacky table but when you're two, the tackier the better!
 We also got his presents all ready for our breakfast party.  A train table was his big gift, but how can you have a train table without trains???
 As we predicted, this little guy was up early today and it took him no time to spot all the fun to be had!  His Daddy took him to pick up donuts while Ava and I got ready for his little party.
We discovered he's not so much a fan of the party hat :)
But he was intrigued by the donut and the candle! did we get here already??
The big sister was more than happy to wear her hat and give Carter the play by play about what we could do next!
 My curious Carter, love him so much!
Two of my favorite guys.  Like Father, like Son...I have a feeling these two are just going to keep me up at night as Carter gets older and more like his Daddy, adventurous!!
 After we ate and sang and coached Carter about how old he is, we moved on to the best part...presents!!
 He was more than happy to participate in this part :)
 Ava played the role of advisor and narrator.  Carter happily played along.  Almost more than his gifts, he loved that wrapping paper with the trucks on it most of all.  Classic. 
Isn't that the way it goes??
 Everytime we celebrate a birthday or a holiday, I think about that verse that tells us how the Lord loves to give good gifts to his children...although this is just a taste of that, I get it.  It's so fun to give gifts to our kids, especially when you know how much they'll love it!
After the first few he got the hang of opening the big ones!
 He looks so old here doesn't he??  Yes, trains and more trains were the hit of the day! 
Taking it all in, plotting his next move...he kept saying, "Choo Choos!!  Oh my goodness!" 
 The birthday boy and his loot!  I'm so grateful that we have the ability to give him gifts and spoil him because we love him, I know that's a reality I often take for granted. 
 Carter's birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday, which is Trav's busiest day, but he took some time this morning to just be home and I intentionally planned nothing today.  We had donuts together, ate breakfast, opened gifts and then just let the kids play!  We have been so busy lately, TOO busy and this was just the day we all needed.  Travis eventually had to leave for work but the kids and I just hung out all day.
And this is how what Carter looked like for hours...
 Very serious, very intense...the boy loves his trains!  And cars, and balls, and trucks, etc.  :)  :) :)
Tonight we went to Church and the birthday boy got to play and celebrate with his little friends.  It was like a free party I didn't have to plan or oversee, score!!  We sure love our little 2 year old, he is the sweetest addition to our family and I'm so thankful the Lord surprised us with the gift of CARTER!
 I miss my baby boy sometimes but I really love watching him grow and develop into the boy God created him to be.  I love seeing his personality take shape and getting a glimpse into his heart.  It's been a busy two years but the BEST two years of my life. 
 These two have been the highlight of those two years.  We are blessed to be parents, their parents, and so grateful for Ava and Carter.  As they get older and mature a little bit, it's a joy to see their own relationship grow as siblings.  I hope they are alwasy protective of one another, kind and loving.  I know we'll have some hard years when they fight more than they get along but I do pray now that they will treat one another as a gift from the Lord. 
This little birthday boy has been such a JOY in our lives, isn't he cute??
We love you so much Carter and always will.  You are the best little guy for our family, we are so glad the Lord chose us to raise you and love you.  I hope it was a fun day for you, it was a great day for us to celebrate YOU!!
Happy 2nd Birthday buddy!!

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