An October Wedding Day to Remember

Congratulations, Jena and Jeff!!  Last weekend I had the joy of doing flowers for another wedding.  The Lord has been so good to quietly bring me bride after bride...Just enough work to handle and still LOVE without getting burned out or overwhelmed.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to say yes to this sweet couple many months ago, I knew I would definitely want to work on this wedding because it was in early October AND it was a rustic, romantic theme.  SO glad I said yes to them :) :) :)
 They had a great idea of the direction they wanted to go with their look and style, but mostly they left a lot of the choices  up to me.  Which really is my favorite way to work :)  When I worked in retail shops, we always loved it when we got an order that said "designer's choice" in the description.  That always meant we could use our favorite things and I promise you, those orders always got more for their money than the ones that were terribly specific and picky!  A good florist knows what flowers to use together and which blooms are at their peak...I loved putting this wedding together and I had the benefit of a bride who let me!
 The bridesmaid's bouquets were a mix of all things fall.  They were wearing plum colored dresses so I knew I wanted to use some golds, oranges and whites that would make the purples pop!
This is not a great pic, but this was the bridal bouquet.  She wanted a larger version of her girls' bouquets with all of the same colors.  I used a little more red and white in hers but mostly kept it the same.  I really did love the way it came together.  As you'll see in most of the pics, curly willow and fiddlehead ferns were two common threads used in all the arrangements.
 The groom, ringbearer and groomsmen's bouts.  Loved, loved, loved them!!
Birch was also a big influence in their style, so I wrapped these in birch shavings with copper wire around the stems.  Kind of a fun, rustic twist with the curly willow.  The guys wore gray tuxes with green vests/ties and purple pocket squares, so this color scheme helped tie the girls in with them. 
These were corsages and bouts for the grandparents.
A bout for the Pastor.  I'm always looking out for them :) Ha ha!
 Getting the bouquets all lined up for the bridal party. The little bouquet with the pop of yellow in front was for the flowergirl instead of a basket with petals.  So cute!
Up close and personal...that purple flower is kale, isn't it great???  It was the runaway hit of the bouquets I think.  Along with the purple seed from seeded eucalyptus. 
Lots of golds, rusts, and oranges surrounded by curly willow and those amazing fiddleheads. 
Doesn't this just make you happy??
Wrapped up and ready to carry!
 Some of the cute bridesmaids with their flowers.  Darling dresses that showed those flowers off so well!
Their cupcake tower.
Cake topper, wrapped in some birch bark.
The toss bouquet.  I always make those for my brides.  After all my hard work, I can't stand the thought of them actually throwing the bridal bouquet! 
One of 11 medium centerpieces.  So happy with these too.  The groom hollowed out 11 of these birch logs to hold the flowers and they were just stunning.  Such a cool look instead of using a vase or ceramic container.  I love weddings that incorporate something different like this!
 Hard to get a good shot of this in the bright daylight without any tables set or the beauty of candlelight, but if you can see we used some low, colorful centerpieces mixed with some tall, dramatic ones.
Loved, loved, loved these too!!  Totally natural and organic in feel, just curly willow with a mixture of fall greens, but they were almost 6' tall so they were very cool on the tables.  I would have loved to have seen them at night with the glow of candlelight all around!  Hoping for some good pics from the photographer!
We've had weddings on the brain over here after that big weekend!  I played paper dolls with Ava after the wedding and this is what she wanted to see...all the princesses in their bridal best with their own bouquets too :) Maybe I'm raising a little business partner???  It's pretty hard not to get swept up in the beauty and joy of a wedding when you are a girl.  I had such a great time working on this wedding but also a great time answering all of Ava's questions about weddings and listening to her talk about all the flowers too.  She told me a few days ago that she was going to wear "a beautiful, white dress with veil on her head and Carty would wear black pants, black sleevies, and a tie, and they would dance at the ball, with her a couple weeks, ok Mom?" 
HILARIOUS.  And not ok :)
Not yet, anyway...
Congratulations Jena and Jeff!!  I loved doing your wedding, many blessings to you!!

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