Weekend Love

We had a sweet weekend, how about you?  With the end of the soccer season this past week, we finally had a free weekend and some time to spend with the kids and each other.  We did exciting things like clean the house...
 ...we are teaching the kids to help us with some chores around the house and their favorite one to do is to help unload the dishwasher.  It's a dangerous blessing :) We love their excitement and eagerness to help but we have to move at warp speed to keep one or both of them from unintentionally breaking my dishes! 
 Ava and I played nail salon :)   Note to self, need to play that more often.  She was one happy girl to have "paint" on her fingers and toes! 
Forgive the grainy-ness of this pic, this was taken on Saturday night from the top row of the balcony at our Church.  We went to the TobyMac concert, which was amazing!!!  SO, SO Good!!!
We are old-school DC Talk fans and we love Toby Mac's stuff too.  Our kids especially love his music :)   We have frequent dance parties rockin out to his stuff.  His concert sold out like 8 weeks ago so it was a packed house and it was a LOUD night!!  Jamie Grace and Chris August opened for him (and they were excellent too) but we are big fans of Toby Mac and the show he puts on...worth every penny!!  If you have the chance to see him, do it!  We were greeters and I got the biggest kick out of seeing people in their 60's and 70's there.  I can't imagine what they were thinking when it was bumpin in that worship center and people were dancing (including us) all over the place!  Hilarious :)His new album is amazing and doing so well on the secular charts, but better yet he loves Jesus and is so clear and outspoken in his music.  Such a fun (late) night, we are exhausted today! 
 This afternoon we got another chance to get away and leave the kids with a sitter while we went to a wedding in the most beautiful setting.
 Yesterday it was raining, today it was beautiful!  What a backdrop, huh??  This place is called the Chapel in the Woods and I think that's a pretty appropriate name. These pictures from my phone do not do it justice.  With all the gorgeous fall colors and the afternoon sun streaming in, it really was breathtaking!
Waiting for the ceremony to start :)
Can you spy a third wheel??
A violin, a guitar and a banjo.  What a great combo!  And that tree behind them??  Gorgeous.
The cute groom and his Dad, who is also a Pastor.  I got very choked up listening to him talk to Sammi and Dan during the ceremony, thinking about the day when (we pray) Travis will be marrying Ava and Carter off too.  What a special blessing as a parent to do that...His Dad did a beautiful job and it was very touching. 
 Is this the cutest wedding party or what??  Those bridesmaids and those lace umbrellas??  Darling :)
Sammi, the beautiful bride.  She was a high school student when we came to Grace and last year she was one of our volunteers.  We love her and her new husband, also one of our former volunteers.  So sweet to watch them get to this day!
Honestly, this setting!!
 Just adorable.
 And romantic...I love weddings!  Makes me love my husband all over again like a young bride...
The canopy above us was breathtaking.
Of course I had to get a picture with my sweet man!
It was so great and very needed to get a little time out with him this weekend.  It's been too long since we've had a date and we were long overdue. 
What a great weekend!  Hope you had a sweet one as well!

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