Missing This...

He's not a "this" but I miss him.  He's on a ski trip and I've been holding the fort down.  It's all good and the end is almost here, but I've watched college basketball and the NFL all weekend without my favorite viewing partner and even when I long for silence around here, it's never without him.  I'm ready for him to be home! 
 Not to mention the single parenting part of this.  I realllllllly miss having the help.  It's not that I can't do it, it's that I enjoy it so much more when we do it together.  
I've been feeling a little emotional lately about the old days of just the two of us.  While I would never want to go back to life without our kids, there are things I miss about our freedom!  Ha!  Lately I keep thinking about the days, weekends mostly, when we would just take off and pick a new restaurant, linger at a coffee shop, drive to a new part of town and's not so much what we were doing but just being together and having the freedom to do whatever we wanted...yep, I miss that.  To be clear, we can still do whatever we want, it's just at the expense of our sanity with kids in tow or our bank account from getting babysitters!  I know it's totally a stage, one day those freedoms will come back to us and then we'll probably long for the days we're in now, but sometimes when I think of adding another baby I try not to think about the years we're adding before we're free again!  Ha!   
 Also, I'm missing this...a cross country road-trip with our sweet little brood.  We're coming up on almost a year from when we had the privilege of Travis' sabbatical from our Church.  We spent over a month away from home, resting and refreshing and just being together, weeks of it in Florida.  I think back on that trip so often, remembering how wonderful it was to take some time away and it gives me the itch to load up our car and explore again.  Who would have thought a long trip with little kids would be so fun?  I definitely married an adventure seeker and usually I'm the voice of reason (read: the realist) between us, but he's won me over in this department. We have taken some great road-trips these last few years and the best part has just been the time we've had as a family, just the four of us.  I love the idea of getting away but with an infant in our future, it will be a while before we're up for that again, and that's ok.  
Even dreaming about it right now makes me happy... 
 As the winter looms on and we get ready for another "polar plunge" this week, tonight I'm missing the beach!  And the hot sun!  And sand under our feet!  And the ocean!  And color in our world! 
 I can say this because we actually lived in Florida for awhile, but really everything is better at the beach! 
I miss Disney World!  Yes I, the adult woman, miss being at "The Happiest Place on Earth" with my little Disney loving kids.  Almost daily our visit there comes up in some form.  Both of our kids loved it and they look at our photo album all the time, remembering the things we did and all the characters they got to meet.  We will definitely be planning a return trip and every one of us could tell you what our favorite things to do would be.  Can you tell how much an escape from reality thrills me??  There is probably something deeper there but truly there is nothing like seeing your kids light up and get swept up in all the "magic" of childhood.  So fun.  Wishing we were heading back this Spring! 
I miss the days of not wearing a coat! Sweatshirt weather is my very favorite time of the year. It's really cold here again and already I'm sick of the boots, hat, gloves, parka routine that is required every time we leave the house.  I might actually burst into tears on the day that my kids can get in the car and buckle their own selves in.  Like seriously there will tears of joy.  Winter and allllllllllllll the gear is a pain when you're an adult.  Even more so when you have multiple little kids.  Again, I'm about to go back to square one...deep breath!  
Did I mention that I miss him??  
I'm going a little stir crazy I think, but lately I've just been really, really thankful for the gift of a great husband.  I am impacted daily by his kindness and patience and godliness, not to mention his amazing ability to make me laugh.  To be fair, I'm also impacted by the fact that we are totally different in almost every way, which causes many moments of tension, but everything I thought I wanted in a husband someday...The Lord gave me all that I prayed for and then some.  We have good days and bad ones too, seasons of marriage that are smooth and seasons that require tons of work and sacrifice for the other.  We're both sinners saved by grace, trying to love the Lord and stay faithful to Him and to each other.  We've probably both got a list of disappointments and things we didn't anticipate facing, but that's life.  And I wouldn't want to face it with anyone but Travis!  I pray often that God would grant us many years to enjoy this life together.  I know the one thing that holds us together actually has nothing to do with's Jesus and our individual commitments to Him.  He is the glue we need and rely on and He gives us everything we need to stay married.  

So yeah, I'm missing a few things tonight, but I'm also going to bed with a full heart and more blessings than I could possibly count.  In fact, the entire time I've been writing this post a certain little someone has been constantly moving and fluttering inside me, reminding me of yet another gift we have to look forward to this year.  Road trips, Disney World visits and the freedom to hit a great restaurant will come and go but the daily gift of a husband and kids are priceless treasures and I'd be a fool to overlook them in search for something else I miss.  I think that's the trick right?  Not living from one event to the next but refusing to miss the gifts from God in our everyday life.  

So if you'll excuse me, I've got a few sleeping kiddos to go kiss and thankfully my favorite person to kiss is on his way home now.  
Good night blog world...if you need me I'll be dreaming of mickey mouse and the beach, while listening to the ocean waves app on my phone!  Happy Monday night...

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