Preschool Christmas Program 2013

Hello Monday.  Hello Preschool Christmas Program.  Hello cutest girl in the Christmas tree dress.  
I'm going backwards today, posting some fun pics from Ava's first Preschool Program in December.  Although it's long over, I don't want to miss documenting it and remembering how cute it was! We were the classic parents in the front row, video camera and digital camera in hand, grinning like crazy people at the sight of our little singer.  Ava had been talking this up for weeks and weeks, SO excited for us to hear her class sing and to see her on stage.  It was thrilling to her that Travis, Carter and I would be there (as if we ever would have missed it!!!) and we were so happy to hear the "official rendition" of all the songs she'd been singing and teaching Carter for weeks.  I won't add much, the pictures speak for themselves. It was a precious program and we were proud of Ava, also we died at her "animated faces"!!    

I will add one funny note and that is, we are raising a VERY opinionated and vocal daughter when it comes to choice of clothing.  I imagined we'd be pulling out the "formal" Christmas dress to wear to this but oh no, little Ava put up a BIG fuss and insisted she wear her pink and green Christmas dress that she was a little bit obsessed with this winter!  I only have so many battles I'm willing to engage in and I decided this wasn't one of them, so pink and green it was!  We think she looks darling no matter what she wears and we did appreciate how easy she was to spot :) 
Good choice Ava, we hope you always march to the beat of your own drum! 

To all the relatives, enjoy!

Just doesn't get much sweeter than that!  
We loved it Miss Ava, one of our favorite memories of Christmas 2013.   Love you sweet girl!!  

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