Day 4 of 10...

Well, it's Wednesday, which means that Travis will be home in less than a week now! He arrives on Tuesday morning at 7:30, but I feel like the rest of the week and the weekend will go schedule has become pretty busy. It's been sweet to have so many people ask me how I'm doing or if I want to come over for dinner. That makes me feel good. It's easy to hide out at home, but that's only fun for like a day or two. After that you need to see people! I haven't heard much from Travis because he doesn't really have any cell phone coverage there, but he can call me when he goes into town, so we have a phone date tonight at 11:30...I'm excited! We have lots to catch up on.

I've been wanting to paint my hallway this week but lacked the motivation to do it, until this morning. I'm such a goofy painter, I only do it when the mood strikes, which is usually late at night or early in the morning! Now I have three walls that need a second coat and trim work, and 2 walls that need a different color. It's looking good though, even just a little color makes a big difference. Travis is so much better at painting the big spaces and I always tackle the ceiling and the trim, it's kind of a drag to do it all by myself, but Travis is so tired lately that I don't want to ask him to spend his free time painting. He'll be surprised and relieved when he comes home and realizes he didn't have to do it! Once I'm done, I'll post pictures of the hallway and the bathroom, which are the same colors. After that, we only have our bedroom and bathroom, and the guest room to do. I don't know when I'll tackle that!

Poor Ryley is looking at me with his sad eyes...which means he probably needs to go to the bathroom! He never barks or whines, he just stares at you with a pathetic could you not love him??? When Travis is gone like this, I am so thankful for Ryley. Even though he's not a human, he makes me feel safe about being home alone...and that's worth all the dog hair in the world!

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