Missing my man!

well, I'm on day one of ten without my husband. I took him to the train station last night, yes-train station, to take off with some of our junior high students on a mission's trip to Montana. When he was looking for airfare months ago, he discovered a train route that took them right where they needed to go for half the price, so for the first time, we went to an Amtrak station last night and it was quite the experience! I don't know what I was expecting, but it was better than I thought. I actually think it was better for the parents who were sending their kids off for the first time...we all got to get on the train and help them settle in their seats and put their bags away. Obviously when they fly, we have to say good-bye at the door practically, so I think it made the moms feel better! They ended up being in their own "car" which was great because they could have fun without bothering anyone. They were on the train for 16 hours however, but it was overnight so they slept and then had pancakes for breakfast in the dining car. Not too bad for a mission's trip. I recall traveling across the country in an old church van with 10 square inches to myself, sometimes with no a/ things have changed! I took some pictures last night, but I haven't loaded them yet on my computer. Anyway, I'm home watching Pretty Woman, missing my husband already! I think I'm going to paint my hallway to keep myself busy this week!


sheltonfamily said...

I am so with you on missing the hubby.... It is nice to be with my parents, but I so wish I was at camp. The train ride sounds interesting... that is such a Mike and Travis thing that would be no big deal to them! Mike is in FL at camp. I think it is going to be a great week for our group. We should go somewhere together next time they go away! Enjoy your week!

amy said...

Steph... well, the week is half over so you're hubby will be back soon!!! have you been keeping yourself busy?! does Travis have more camps throughout the summer, or is this the end?! did you get the hallway painted?! we'd love to see pictures! i'm praying that the week goes by quickly for you!
:) amy