"Take the last train to Clarksville, and I'll meet you at the Station!"

So hopefully you got my Beatles reference...they didn't actually go to Clarksville. Here are the pictures I promised of the big departure at Amtrak! When we took this picture, I was just on the other side of a total stressful classic youth trip fashion, one of our chaperones was totally late and she made the train by LITERALLY 2 minutes!! Can you believe that? Welcome to my world. The train was set to depart at 10:50pm and she showed up at's a good thing this was a train ride and not a plane ride or she never would have made it. So this smile on my face says, "thank God her rear-end is sitting on that train because I want to hurt her!!" It was the most stressful send-off we've ever had (or hope to have for that matter)...but it's over and they made it...and I went home with a headache!


sheltonfamily said...

What in the world... that is crazy. I bet you all were so frustrated... I still can't believe he took a train. It is such a Mike and Travis thing! I talked to Mike last night and I asked him if he was tired? He said know cause him and some of his boys slept by the pool last night on lounge chairs. He said it created great memories. Ha! Where are they at in Montana? Mike went on a mission trip to Big Sky in Montana during college. I think it was more of a ski trip, but he insists they shared their faith with people on the slopes. Your painting craze sounds like a great idea. I am horrible at painting. Have a great Friday!

Peggy & Ron said...

Hey You guys! How's your BUSY summer going. Don't stress Stephanie, you know Who is in control. Hope your headache was short. So hard not to worry. Trains are great. Have you every ridden one? Travis, hang in there, summer is more than 1/2 over. Of course Fall will have a whole new set of activities. Gotta go get Pa up. Love you both. Peggy