Summer schedule...

I thought I was going to be so much better at blogging this summer, but it seems I've taken a turn for the worse! We're just so stinkin busy that I am always too tired to sit down and write anything, but after reading some updates from my friends, I got inspired to update ours.

My traveling husband just returned last night from another weekend away, this time at a cabin with our junior high leadership team...he had a great time and LOVED every minute he spent on the lake, but I missed him. I would have gone with him, but my sister Jennie came to visit me this weekend and we had a great time! We ate, shopped and watched movies...a great way to spend a weekend! Trav and I seem to be the definition of two ships passing in the night right now, but hopefully this next week will help us re-connect. We are heading to Wisconsin for a week of Family Camp with our's fun, but we are "working" while we're there. We are in charge of all the high school counselors, so it's not hard, but it's not exactly a vacation either! We had a good time last year, so we are looking forward to it...I'm just happy to be away from Church for a week so I can have fun with my husband everyday! I always come home thankful after these camps...thankful that this is our life and Trav's's nice to get paid for having fun and building relationships!

Jennie left today and took Ryley with her. She is taking him to my parents for "camp Grandma and Grandpa" this week because we are leaving tomorrow for Wisconsin. I love sending him to my parents because he has a wonderful time playing in their yard and with my's so nice to send him to Iowa, I never have to worry about him! We do miss him tonight's too quiet around here. We were both a little sad when we came home tonight as no one ran to the door to welcome us! He is the BEST greeter...he's never sad to see us, in fact he's usually freaking out with excitement!! Anyway, I miss him.

I have to wrap this up and feels like I'm taking our whole house with us! I like to be prepared, which really means "over-packed!" I don't think I'll get to update this until we come back, but we hope you have a great 4th of July and a fun week! We'll be quite tired at this time next Sunday, but I'm sure we'll have made lots of great memories too...nothing says summer like a week at Family Camp, right?


sheltonfamily said...

Hey... we hope you had a great time at Family Camp! I'm sure it was nice to get away...was it at the camp we stayed at for Jam? Those were good memories staying next door to you all at our lovely cabin. Hope you had a great week!

amy said...


Family camp sounds like fun... even if you are in charge of the youth!! :) It would be nice to have a week away from home! It sounds like your summer is still as busy as the fall... hope you and Travis are enjoying the beautiful weather! Can't wait to hear the update when you return! :) amy