One of those special days...

Today was a great day, one of those lifetime milestones in fact. It seemed like just another Thursday until I got a call this morning from my very best friend...telling me that she was holding her brand new baby girl!!! How fun is that? There is something totally great about sharing life's big moments with lifetime friends.

I suppose I need to share a little background here. We go so far back, even before we were born actually. Our parents are the best of friends and when they were growing up, my Dad led her Dad to the Lord, which changed their life and family forever...that's history. Since we were born, we've been inseperable. Through all of our school days, college days, weddings and now babies we have stayed so close and we see each other as often as we can. It's so special to know that she's happy and that God has given her a beautiful little girl named Ella Grace. She and Tim have waited a long time for this day and I'm so thrilled to know that God made it worth their wait! I am so truly happy for them and I love that my friend is holding a baby tonight...I cannot wait to hold her myself. It's surreal to picture your friends with kids, but it's another rite of passage that I'm so thankful we can walk through together.

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sheltonfamily said...

Awesome story..I hope you have a great weekend! I know one day in God's timing there will be a baby Armstrong that will cause us to praise God just as you did for your friend's baby. They are amazing little gifts that teach us more about God. Thanks for you birthday help! I was leaning more towards the park as well!