Summer Vacation...

You're probably wondering what happened to me, after that last post? I was pretty sick the last time I blogged, but I am happy to report that I am feeling much better! Since I last wrote, my husband is home again...yeah!! He got home last Wednesday morning, and we left for vacation that night. We are currently in Iowa, seeing family and friends, but mainly just resting and relaxing. I ended up with a sinus infection, but I got some antibiotics and I'm feeling lots better. Montana was wonderful and Travis had a great time...although he was just exhausted when he got home!
I'll post some pictures and more details when we get home this weekend. We are finally getting lots of time together this week...sometimes we just stare at each other and say, "it's nice to see you!" Don't ya just love vacation?? We are also celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary this week...we were married in Naples, FL on August 1st, 2003. Hard to believe how quickly time flies. I promised Trav this would be quick...we're enjoying vacation and so glad to be away from home and work!!

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sheltonfamily said...

Hope you have a great week! It was fun for Mike to talk to Travis today. We'll keep you posted. Enjoy your break!