The Countdown is on...

We only have a few weeks and days until we're in Florida! I have to say that the Lord is so good, because after a winter like this one, I have never NEEDED a vacation and a break from the cold more! It has been a brutal winter this year...lots of toying with our day it's a balmy 23 and sunny and the next day it's 8 and grey out, with a fresh dusting of snow covering the ground. Yuck! They tell us that we're going to hit 40 next week, but I don't believe it, because they've told us that a million times before. I think the weather people just say that so people don't send death threats and such, then they conveniently act shocked when a "cold front" blows in...uh huh. I'm not buying it anymore. Basicially I just want them to tell me what the weather is RIGHT NOW and then don't make any predictions because I can't take the emotional roller coaster anymore! Now I say all that and I hope that I haven't offended any meteorologists out there...but whatever, I don't even watch the weather anymore! I just wait for Travis to take Ryley out and tell me what kind of coat I need to wear. It's just better that way.

So again, praise the Lord that He's set Naples in front of us to look forward to! I don't even remember what it's like to wake up to sunshine, every day, and to wear shorts again! Which leads me to my next terrifying white legs in shorts! It's shocking just how pale we are (all Minnesotans really) so we are racking our brains for how to solve that problem as quickly and effectively as we can. Our next issue can be wrapped up in one word. Swim suit. Enough said. We are in an absolute excercise frenzy over here, working out as much as we can in a quest to "firm" things up in a hurry! Which is a sad commentary on my motivation for excercise. We joined our local community center in November and my husband has faithfully attended ever since. I, on the other hand, just got my membership ID picture taken, 2 weeks ago! I had very little desire to work out over the holidays and on cold winter days...however, mention the word "swim suit" and I'm a total gym rat! Now I'm there constantly, working out like a crazy person! What does that say about me? I'm apparently soley motivated by pride. In any other cirmcumstance that would worry me. However in this case...whatever works. I'm off to the gym!


amy said...

steph... i'm sooo excited that you and travis are getting away! what an amazing blessing... and to be able to enjoy warm weather! of course, we here in eastern nc have yet to see snow, so i'm secretly wishing we'd just see a few flakes... but it was 72 here yesterday! i meant to tell you that i made your pot roast a few weeks ago and it was soooo yummy! great tip! i've added it to my fav recipes! :) enjoy the gym! ;)

sheltonfamily said...

I know you must be counting down the days... you should try Jergens natural tan.. it really did work for this pale body in costa rica... if you start now you will really look dark! Good luck at the gym. I am finally on a regular routine of going and it feels so good. Our 1/2 inch scare sure did get the new people freaked out! miss you!