A little bit of this, a little bit of that

For a much needed change of pace, I have some very random things to chime in on today. For starters, I've been tagged by my friend Trish, to post 6 weird things about me. I'll get to that in a minute, but first, I must give you my two cents about American Idol...because I know you're all watching it too!

I have not enjoyed this season as much as I thought I would. It is definately not, in my humble opinion, the best season, like all the judges keep claiming. It's been a little boring and there have been lots of bad performances, but I'm hoping that will change in the next few weeks. However, if Kristy Lee Cook doesn't get voted off soon, it won't! So for the record, I love David Archuletta, Michael Johns, and Brooke White (I can't help but like her, she was a nanny you know). Thank the Lord that Beatles week is over...I love the Beatles, but the last two weeks have been brutal! Clearly they must be too young to pull it off.

We had a fantastic time watching the show on Tuesday night at my cousin Amy's house, with her musician husband, Joe. I've been wanting to watch it with them, because I always wonder what the judges mean by some of their comments, and why Simon almost always gives the only advice worth listening to. It was very entertaining and I learned some interesting things about the music industry from Joe. So, I'm still in it, but the performances better pick up now that we're in the top 10. What do you guys think? Who are your favorites?

6 Weird Things About Me (How can I only choose 6??)

1. I am extremely particular about the way my laundry is folded. Travis has attempted to "help" me before and while I appreciate it, I almost always re-fold everything he does when he's not looking. Sad, but true. I especially need my towels to be folded in just the right way. I don't know why, but I do.

2. I LOVE to clean my house. It's one of the most stress-relieving things I do. I have a system however and I don't stray too far from it. I can't prove this, but I sleep ten times better in a clean room than in a messy room. I've been known to get up at night and straighten things up in our room, just so I can go fall asleep. Can anyone say OCD??

3. I have a total obsession with thin line sharpie markers. I write everything with multi-colored sharpies. I do not like writing with a black, ball point pen and I never have. Lord help me if I have no other option but a ball point...please Jesus, let it be blue! Nothing, I repeat nothing, beats a sharpie. In fact, I asked for a new set of sharpies for Christmas! Easy to please. I just write better with a permanent marker!

4. I can't handle Travis writing or highlighting in my Bible or any book that I'm reading. I like straight lines and he is incapable of making them! He knows this and sometimes taunts me with threats like, "I'm going to highlight in your book Steph!!" It's mean. All those drafting classes are paying off Mom and Dad!! I was trained to draft straight lines and I can't stray from it...Heaven help me when we have kids!!

5. I can't swim in a lake. I CAN swim. Just not in a lake, or the ocean. I like to know what's in the water with me and the therefore I stick to chlorinated pools where I can see the bottom. This may be due to the fact that we used to vacation as a kid, on Leech Lake in northern Minnesota. Yes, I said Leech Lake. It's called that for a reason. Wouldn't that scar you too?

6. I don't like any movies, tv shows, or books that mention, describe, or portray torture or abuse of any kind. Including abuse to both humans and animals...don't get me started on Micheal Vick! I can't handle it. As a child, I was terrified of The Princess Bride, because of the life-sucking machine! I have to leave the room if I think anyone is going to be tortured...Travis has had to adapt to this "quirk" of mine and has learned to turn the volume down and warn me, so that I can run to the back of the house and cmoe back out when it's over! It must be due to my sweet, tender heart...I'm sure that's it!

So there it is, I'm officially weird. I know you didn't need the list...most of you have already figured me out! But just to make me feel better, now I'm tagging Holly, Jean, Kelly, and Rebecca. I can't wait to think, "she's so weird!"


Trish said...

Okay, I have to admit that I just got GIDDY when you mentioned multi-colored Sharpies! I love going to the local office supply store just to see if there are any new color varieties available! Fine-line, color and all...I'm with you girl!

tapango1 said...

and me i cringe at the thought of a sharpie....however....i do like to huff them,lol

my most recent sharpie incident was when my 2 year old got ahold of one and wrote all over his beloved doodle in the was a sad day....he loves his doodle,lol i yelled at my 7 year old for leaving one in the car and told her she had to buy him a new doodle.....but she being the smart lil cookie she is had the idea of usuing the magic earaser on it and it worked!!! she has told everyone who will listen that kind of strayed away from the lesson of not leaving markers where her brother can get them and turned into i don't have to buy him a new one!!!

ps. i apologized for yelling,:)

Miz Jean said...

Ha! YES! I love it! I'm totally OCD as well.

Once when I was in Sam's club, I saw this HUGE box of multi-colored sharpies. I didn't buy it, but I carried it around for a while to make myself feel better.

I also refold laundry that Hubby attempts to help with. figure out my 6. Yikes!

sheltonfamily said...

Please, send of your organization/cleaning desires our way! I like this season of Idol, but I agree with you on your top 3 cause they are mine as well. I love Brooke almost like I loved Katherine McPhee and not as much as Carrie U. I hope I can think of tons of weird things about me!

Jerbecca said...

You're so WEIRD!!! hehe. Just kidding. I have way more than 6 really weird things(according to jeremy!)